Remove Tag from Subject line -em 9

Want to remove the tags from beginning of subject column. If I add the tag column, it jumps over there, but don’t really want a tag column either.

Guidance on how to remove from subject (without adding tag column)

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Hello stevegrossie.
Go to “Menu"→"Settings"→"Read” and in the right column, uncheck the box “Show tag bar” and finally “save and Close”

That does not remove the tag in the Subject. I unchecked
show tag bar, save/closed settings and tags were still in the subject line. I exited emc and started it again and the tags are still there.

For the default compact layout, right-click on the column header (next to Sorted by) and choose Columns Configuration. Remove the Tags option from the right column.

This does NOT apply to the single line layout, where tags will always be shown, either in the subject or in their own column.

I had all the email marked as “Important” (I use gmail), I solved on Gmail marking “not show on imap” into the setting tab.

Based on the user’s feedback we decided to make some improvements to the next update.

  1. We’ll allow to completely disable (or show just icons) displaying tags in the single line layout as well (via a setting)
  2. We’ll display GMail important tag in a way GMail displays it in its web mail (just an icon, not the full Important text)
    I hope this will resolve this issue, it is going to be there soon. We listen to you!
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Thanks for the discussion here. Couple things

1.) I am using the single line layout (which is showing [TAG] at the beginning of subject)

2.) Running through Dyd666 tweak does solve the problem (if you’re using GMAIL). Go into Gmail settings > Labels. Then clear “Show in IMAP” check box for the tag that you don’t want to be shown in the 1 line subject

3.) Would be nice to keep the [TAG] and pass it through to emclient (but not have it on single line subject). Thanks Michal_Burger for incorporating the fix. Will keep an eye out for it!

Thank you. “Important” tags are overused and I do not want to see them under any conditions. I do not want tags to be visible at all for any reason.

We now have an option to not display these tags in the single line layout in version 9.1

If you want to try it, you can download it from the Release History.