Important tag on mail

Hi, I’ve just updated to version 9.0.1708 (2cfb4a5) and it looks great.
However, every old and new email is being tagged with the “Important” tag.

This may help, as posted by @cyberzork earlier this year…

" The next thing you can do in eM Client is turn off the “important” tag in your account settings by going to Menu > Accounts > (select your gmail account) > IMAP tab > Tags > Show Important Tag > Never"


Thank you for having an answer!

V 9 is a series of frustrating “improvements” over V 8.

Excellent workaround thank you.
However it is a bug given the emails in Gmail are not flagged as “important”

However it is a bug given the emails in Gmail are not flagged as “important

It’s not a bug, Gmail account inbox emails show the Important tag when adding in mail clients such as eM Client and others. This has been the case for years with a Google account. You may not see them online but they are there when you sync mail.

“Gmail assigns the ‘Important’ label to all messages synchronized through IMAP”.

So the options are to “not show” the Important tag in eM Client IMAP account settings or you have to manually create a filter in Gmail online not to show them. But much easier in eM Client.

Also as @Michal_Burger wrote recently in the below thread, the next update will also give Gmail users the ability in setting to show the Important tag “as an icon” if you do want to see it, like in Gmail online and not the full important text which will be a good option as well.

Based on the user’s feedback we decided to make some improvements to the next update.

We’ll allow to completely disable (or show just icons) displaying tags in the single line layout as well (via a setting).

We’ll display GMail important tag in a way GMail displays it in its web mail (just an icon, not the full Important text)

I hope this will resolve this issue, it is going to be there soon. We listen to you!

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What an excellent response. Thank you very much… very informative

Thanks, I just went to gmail and turned it off.

Thanks for the answer on this!!

The new Gmail Important Tag (Icon) in the latest eM Client 9.1.2053 for Windows and Mac looks great now and so much better :slight_smile: . Well done to the team !


If you had it disabled previously in accounts “due to the old big wide Important Tag” and want to now turn it back on, go to “Menu / Accounts” and click on your Gmail account on the left and then click the “IMAP” tab at the top and “Re-Enable” to “Always show important tags” as per below screenshot.

You can d/l the new version of you want to try it from the eM Client version history page . If you do install it, remember to backup first via “Menu / Backup” incase you have any problems and need to restore. You can see when the backup is completed via “Menu / Operations”.