Rejected IMAP Credentials

My SMTP connection is fine, but my IMAP credentials are being rejected. This issue occurred overnight about 10 days ago. IMAP diagnostics says it detects the email server, but the credentials are rejected. I can log directly into internet webmail with no issue, so I know the password is correct. The email server company says it is not their connection issue. I am using eM Client version 8.2.1659. I have tried various things to fix the issue, but none work. The main ones include:

  • Trying various IMAP / POP / POP3 settings with various port numbers
  • Deleting the email account and creating a new one (When you try to create the new account, it is unsuccessful due to rejecting IMAP credentials.)
    I really was hoping not to de-install eM Client and reinstalling. Any suggestions?

Is it an AOL/Verizon account? Your problem reminds me of this one (which has not been solved):

@eisbaer Yes looks to be the same issue and both look to me like something has changed at the mail box end somewhere.