Recommended spam/junk email filter?

The eM Client junk email filter works fine for spam that has already arrived-- presumably filtering future junk emails from a similar domain from being routed into one’s inbox.

My question- what are others using to avoid receiving these junk emails in the first place? That is, a program that resides “between” your ISP and the eM Client program analyzing incoming emails and handling as appropriate?


Well, unless you run your own mail server, it’s kind of hard to put something between your ISP and your email client. But when I used to use Outlook/Express, I used a whitelist spam filter add-on called Qurb. Worked fantastically.

Personally, I’m very frustrated with eM Client’s lack of anti-spam features. Even by their own (un)admission, on the features of eM Client, the word ‘spam’ is literally not mentioned once.

EDIT: What I meant to say is that it’s trickier to try to stop spam between the mail server and mail client – there are some firewalls that can do this and a few other utilities (check out SpamBayes), but it’s much easier to do this on the mail server once the mail arrives or do it in the mail client after receiving it. The most ideal place would be to do it in the mail client if you don’t run your own mail server. eM Client *should* do this (Thunderbird does this more or less using statistical filtering, and Outlook does a form of crude “weighting” of messages).

To my mind the weakest thing about eM Client is that when it comes to defending against spam, you’re pretty much on your own.

I’d like to see something built in, or at the least a guide to how to setup up a few effective methods (perhaps something through the Widgets feature of eM). I mean, what do the developers themselves use for their own mail? Do they rely solely on SpamAssasin? What about other spam that may get through either using POP or a web-based mail account? Perhaps they believe that spam isn’t a problem when using their program; the fact that they seem unwilling to implement some statistical filtering or whitelisting might indicate they don’t think there’s a problem. I would beg to differ.

Actually, when you open eM Client - Tools - Rules you will see that there already is one Spam filter rule by default.

I’ve been using Spamihilator in conjunction with eM Client and find it somewhat helpful. The setup is not terribly logical, and ongoing Spam training is required in order that Spamihilator’s effectivity improves, but overall it does a decent job.

I had used Cactus Spam Filter with Thunderbird and found that a pretty good 3rd party add on.

Yes, but I have no idea what that does. I cannot find out anything about this filter in the documentation. When I try to modify it, it says it can’t be edited.

great suggestions! I’ll have to check them out.

It moves all messages marked as spam (e.g. by SpamAssasin) or sent from a common Spam address to Junk folder.

Where is this default rule? I don’t have it on mine. The only rule I have is one I created- or was created for me as I have marked certain messages a junk along the way. It is called “Blacklist”.


Can you please send me a screenshot of the “Rules” window? Thank you.