Recommended method to resend a message

Sometimes a client lost an email and I need to resend it. Occasionally, my Mail host of momentarily blacklisted and my email bounces, and I need to resend from another account. I’m used to right clicking and choose resend, on the email. I can’t find a good way to resend a message. My current kludge is to forward the email and then delete a lot of the heading stuff.

Is there a good way to resend an email. Even if I open it from my sent folder, I can’t find a way to send it again.

I too normally just forward as well and delete what I don’t want in the email.

There a feature request for a resend at the below thread. Suggest to like / vote for that feature and who knows might be added down the track.

There is a couple of ways though you can do that currently from @Gary post at the bottom of the thread that might help you in the meantime.

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Aug 27
You can select the original message in the sent folder, and choose Forward > Forward as original.
You will need to re-add the recipients.

You can also copy the original sent message to the Local Folder Outbox. Then open it in the Outbox and click Send

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Thanks a lot. Actually, the forward as original is exactly what I wanted. I don’t mind adding the client’s name. So, it works. I’ll still add a plus to the feature request, as having it listed as an option so we don’t need to request help or delete stuff from forwarded.

The thing is, I knew what forward as original did, but had never used it and so never expanded it to being an option for resend.