Recommendations for ISP - eM Client friendly

I am withTsoHost. I have suffered SMTP timeout error for several months. (lot of discussion here

Looking for ISP recomendation. I have 3 domains and 2 mail boxes.

Thanks in advance

I can’t recommend an ISP in your local country, but for email hosting and website hosting, you might want to have a look at Imageway as per the following eM Client blog link.

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A friend recommended Unlimited Web Hosting (UK company) and I moved to them a few months ago. So far they’ve been satisfactory. Support has been fast answering my queries. Transfer was very easy, I did a cPanel backup and they restored it onto their own system. That’s all I can say! It’s very hard to find out what hosting companies are like, reviews are not all trustworthy. I recommend asking some questions to support before you move, see what you think of the answers.
I had to move anyway but I still think that eM Client should have longer timeouts, or else configurable.

My private email is hosted by
Setting up with emclient was a breeze.

Thank you. I’ll have look

Thanks. I willl have a look