Reading emails on iPad / iphone

Hi… Newby here.
What or how are people accessing em client from their iPad or iPhone?

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Most iOS peeps i know use the built-in “Mail” app to access their IMAP Cloud accounts.

I have the same question…

If you would like to have an eM Client mobile app rather than using the built-in iOS Mail app , then click on this thread which also has info a mobile app is in the pipeline. Hopefully won’t be too far away.

Mobile alternatives - Mail - eM Client

is there an emclient app for the iphone?

Not available at the moment, but both Android and iOS versions are currently under development.


Earlier this year we did release beta versions for both Android and iOS. An iPadOS version will come later.

You can find out more here: Come test the Beta version of eM Client for iOS and Android | eM Client

I will just add that I am testing the iOS app on an iPad, and it is already easing towards being a proper iPad app. It now uses the full screen, for example, whereas the very early version were clearly phone apps.

Its not ready but I would say that it is already better than some released iPad email apps I have seen :smiley: :smiley: