Read Status Syncing?

Hey folks,

So you guys probably know the drill but I am trialing eM Client and one of the big issues I have is that read statuses are not syncing between mobile and eM Client so when I read something on my phone it is still unread in eM Client. I know there are many posts about this same issue but no solutions that I could find and I see the complaints going back 4+ years? Is there really no solution to getting the read status to sync properly? This is THE ONLY email client I have ever had this issue with and I have tried most if not all of the well known options out there. seems like such a simple thing that all other email clients don’t seem to have an issue with. Any ideas? The emails in question are Google Apps(gmail) based accounts using IMAP but from what I have read it doesn’t seem to matter what email server is in use as the same problem seems to persist with different providers using IMAP so maybe it is with the IMAP protocol but then why don’t other email clients have this same issue? This may be a deal breaker for me as to whether I purchase a license or move on to a different client, just when I thought I might have found the best one too!

If it’s your Gmail account could be that it’s just not synced correctly with your Gmail online. Or your Gmail account has become corrupted in some way, Or you may have an older version of eM Client and needs updating.

First thing try repairing your Gmail account in eM Client. Make a backup of eM Client first though via “Menu / Backup”.

To run the repair on your Gmail account in eM Client, “Right click” on “All Mail” folder (under your Gmail account" on the left side of EMC, and then click “Properties” at the bottom. Then click the “Repair” tab at the top. Finally click “Repair”. This will re-sync all your mail and folders from Gmail.

Note - Repairing can take time depending on the size of your Gmail mailbox.

Failing that remove your Gmail account from eM Client, and then re-add your Gmail account (via the automatic wizard) and make sure you click (Allow) near the end of the wizard to allow EMC access to your Gmail account.

Lastly if still same problem, check that you have the latest version of eM Client via the version history page and update if you have an older version.

I appreciate you chiming in but from what I have seen this is a known issue with eM Client. It is happening with multiple email accounts and it did not happen just prior to me switching to eM Client and even when I bring up the built in Windows 10 mail client it doesn’t happen there right now either, all that is syncing fine. No I am convinced this is an ongoing issue with eM Client only and I can’t believe they have not fixed the issue in over 4 years of complaints.

from what I have seen this is a known issue with eM Client

The IMAP read status synching is (not a current issue with eM Client) with my own Gmail, Outlook or Local ISP accounts. If i click a new email on a mobile app linked to the same accounts the read status changes in eM within a few secs and visa versa.

Which thread are you seeing the Read Status Sync as a known issue ?

Lots of posts dating from 2017 forward.

I just tested with my Gmail account too and it works fine for me. My phone is android and I use a mail program called “Aquamail” on it. It may be that the phone’s own mail program is not sending the status of the mail immediately back to Gmail (due to a crappy phone email program or even datasaver type of settings ont the phone but like I said for me (with Aquamail on the phone) the read/unread status is updated almost immediately on emClient. I have my phone email system set to “Push Mail” enabled.


How do you explain the problem not happening in other email clients? Not in Thunderbird, not in Windows 10 mail.

I can’t - remember we are all end users here and not emClient support. We are all trying to help each other out of kindness so sometimes a less agressive tone will yield better replies too :slight_smile:

I guess that is a possibility but I am using the official Gmail app on my phone. If eM Client can’t work with that then that is an issue.

Sorry, not trying to sound aggressive, just pointing out the things that don’t make sense. Sorry if it sounded aggressive. I am a happy person and this is not ruining my day in any way. Sorry again.

Let me ask, are you guys using regular gmail accounts or business gmail through Google Apps? Maybe that could be the difference? I am using business through Google Apps.

It may be that you have a very specific setup and this only happens for you due to some specific setting but take it from me that it “can” work normally as it does for me. I would look at the phone settings and play with them. Also, If you change the status on the phone to read (and it does not change on emClient immediately) then try clicking from inbox on to Sent and then back on to Inbox again. That should make emClient do a refresh of “inbox” folder and the status may get updated. Also in the gmail webpage version of gmail do a test there. Mark an email as unread in the phone and then on the gmail webpage immediately click the refresh icon image and see if gmail gets immediatly updated on the web. If it does then you know the phone is not at fault. If it doesn’t the the phone’s push settings may need looking at. If it is immediate then there must be someting very odd going on with your emClient install and the stock answer will then be to make sure you are on the latest emClient release and also remove and re-add your gmail account.

Hope that helps


Im on regular Gmail so yes, that could be part of it.

I have tried refreshing but that doesn’t help. I’m not going to spend a lot more time on this though since every other email client I try does not seem to have the same issue. I was just trying eM Client because I didn’t like some of the other issues with other clients and thought I’d give this one a go. My trial is almost up and I would have to pay to continue anyway so I don’t think I will do that at this time. Thanks guys for your help.

@Mikal For my own Gmail non business account in eM Client i use the Official Android Gmail mob companion app, and for my Outlook non business account in eM Client I use the Official Android Outlook companion mob app.

My bro also uses eM Client with the same Android mob apps and his own Gmail / Outlook accounts and he also has no issues with the read status changing. He also sometimes uses the “Android Spark” mob app with his Gmail account and that also syncs the read status perfectly with eM Client.

There is no difference whether you have a Google Personal or Google Business / Workspace account as you have “allowed eM Client access to your Google account” when it was setup in the wizard.

Using the latest eM Client for Windows V8.2.1509 , the read status should take no more than around 10 secs to change to read in eM Client after reading and email on your Mob app.

Would you please give links to some of those posts?

With IMAP, the messages are stored on the server, and the server provides the read/unread data. If you confirm it is marked as read in the webmail interface for the account, but it is not marked as read in eM Client, then it may be that eM Client has not synced with the server for some reason.

Or, it could be some message cache corruption. You can right-click on the All Mail folder and choose Properties > Repair, and that will re-sync the messages with the server. If they are still marked as unread after the repair, you can remove and then re-add the email account in eM Client. If they are still marked as unread after that, then it is a server issue as this will be brand new data provided by the server, not cached data in eM Client…

Hi Gary,

Thanks for trying to help out. Here is the main post with different comments from 2017 and 2018 and I thought I had previously found something from 2020 as well but now I can seem to find it again. It looks like you actually even commented on this post as well.

So to clarify a little perhaps, I have not actually double checked in webmail because other email clients are updating the read status just fine so I am assuming that tells me that the Google webmail must be in sync or the other clients would not be able to get that status correct either.

At this point my trial has ended and I don’t plan to pay for a license with this issue not being resolved so, unless they want to renew my trial for another go so I can do some more testing with your suggestions, I’m probably done for now but I do appreciate your thoughts on it. Thank you.

The Google server is the master storage location when using IMAP. Whatever it has, that is what eM Client should display. Don’t worry about other applications because we are looking at the link between the Google server and eM Client.

If it is marked as read in webmail, yet eM Client is still showing it as unread, then an All Mail folder repair will bring the database back in sync.

@Mikal that old read status bug post you mentioned above (was fixed along time ago) and hasn’t been an issue for sometime in the later recent V7.x & V8.x eM Client official releases.

Agree with @Gary the Gmail “All Mail” folder (repair) normally fixes any out of sync problem with your online Gmail IMAP account.

If the repair still doesn’t change the read status in eM Client, and (you have already tried removing and re-adding your Gmail account) and have the (latest version of eM Client) from the ver history page, and (your Gmail acct online in webmail is updating the read status ok) when you read emails on your mob apps , then you have “something locally” on your computer interfering with eM Client updating the read status.

Programs that can interfere with email clients are eg: Optional Firewalls / Security programs, Antivirus programs, VPN’s etc. So you would then test by disabling all background tasks and reboot and see if the read status updates. Then if the read status does start working ok, you then enable the background programs one at a time and reboot in between till you find which program is causing the issue.

If disabling all background tasks and rebooting makes no different to the read status updating in eM Client, then i would next suggest to (create a new Test OS Profile) and install eM Client and test again.

If your read status is not updating in Gmail online in webmail, then contact Google via their community forum .