Read Status issue

When I get an email and read them on my phone or in a browser…eM Client isn’t changing the read status from unread to read or vice versa…only way is to close eM Client and reopen to get read status to change.   Any idea what is causing this or how to fix?

Hello Blake,
what mail account does this happen with?
Does clicking ‘Refresh’ not change the status?
What version of eM Client does this happen with? Menu>Help>About.

my work email(hesitant to give it here)
refresh does not change the status
ver: 7.0.27943.0

FYI…as stated above closing and reopening em client will then update email status to read.

I have been informed by eM Client support that this is due to a change in the way Gmail is handling the reporting read/unread status through IMAP. Seems to be a Google server replication issue. eM Client is aware of the problem and is attempting to implement a solution.

even if i’m not using google…both my emails are having same issue…one being and the other a private work email account.  both however are using IMAP.


Sorry to add to this old thread, but I have the same issue with Yahoo Mail. Even if I clieck Refresh, the read status for new messages which I’ve read on my phone don’t get synced to EM Client, and I have to manually click on each one to mark as read. Is there a way to get around this?

Does closing and reopening eM Client update the status?

Yes that works. However I have EM Client configured to ‘Close application to tray’ so to close the app I have to select File-Exit which is a bit of a pain. Why does Refresh not achieve the same thing?

I guess it is an issue that needs to be fixed. Hopefully Olivia Rust is monitoring this and will comment.

In the interim closing eM Client is a workaround, though it may not be so convenient.

Hi Olivia, just to confirm this issue is still happening (I am using version 7.1.30794.0) and my email is Yahoo. Clicking Refresh does not change the status, however stopping and restarting the app does.

Sorry guys, this is an old and well known feature I’ve complaint about a long time ago. I was told that the programmer cannot or better will not change this behavior. That said, it occurs when reading emails on e.g. mobile clients, setting their state back to unread and hopefully emClient would recognize them as new/unread again.

I’m not talking about Gmail, Yahoo solely, this happens with other IMAP providers, too. FWIW, Thunderbird handles this situation without any issues.


This is an issue because eM Client is not syncing the message status. These are messages that have been read, and left as read, on another device. Their status is not updated to read in eM Client unless the client is restarted.

Mike I think yours is slightly different. eM Client in your case is syncing the message status back to unread, is that not correct? But you want that message to additionally be treated as a new message because you changed its status to unread at some later time.

I suspect that there is a difference between unread and new, and that is why they are not being treated the same.

BTW Mike, please forgive me if I got it wrong. I seem to recall at discussion about this concerning Rules, but now cannot find it, so it might not have been you.