Quota size issue

I was moving old messages into archive to free space on my mail server. After that I stopped receiving e-mails. Sender was getting Using mysql;user is over quota. Contacting OVH, where I have their “free” MX Plan, they told me that emClient sends wrong info about account size and told me that is not their fault. They also said something abouit maildir but I didn’t fully understand what about it.
I tried recreating this mailbox from scratch but it didn’t help. Mailbox itselft is currently at ~2GB from 5GB available, which is showed both in Properties in emClient, webmail and OVH client panel.

One additional info, that may be related somehow: After archive being done, there was this weird folder with error icon in that mailbox. This folder wasn’t there before and I couldn’t do anything with it and log had this message:

[IMAP] Nie można utworzyć/zaktualizować folderu '/Wszystkie wiadomości' z powodu następującego błędu:  Mailbox already exists (0.001 + 0.000 secs).

Which can be translated as:

[IMAP] Can`t create/update folder '/Wszystkie wiadomości' because of error:  Mailbox already exists (0.001 + 0.000 secs).

This folder didn’t exist anywhere, webmail included.

Any ideas how to deal with this?

Mailbox itself is currently at ~2GB from 5GB available, which is showed both in Properties in emClient, webmail and OVH client panel.

Sounds like you have been using Server Side archiving which moves messages in your account to an Archive folder “within your account”, but you need to have enough space on your server account mailbox or you will get Over Quota messages like you have got now with -2GB of server space.

The other type of archiving is called Automatic Archiving where messages older than x days will be moved to an Archive folder “below your mail accounts” locally in eM Client which then “reduces server mail box space” which sounded like what you needed.

So as you now have gone over quota in your server mailbox, you have three options.

1). Create a folder down in eM Client “Local Folders” called eg: Old Mail and then drag / move your current Server account Archive folder down under Old Mail temporarily. That will then free up your server mailbox space. Then look at setting up “Automatic Archiving”. Once thats setup and you see the “Archive” folder appear below your accounts as in the eM Client automatic archive video example, then you can manually move that Old Mail folder from Local Folder into the Archive folder so its then altogether.

Note:- If you setup Automatic Archiving you need to make sure you are regularly backing up eM Client as those archived emails are no longer on the server and only locally. You can either setup automatic periodic backups via “Menu / Settings / General / Backup” (Pc) or “eM Client / Preferences / General / Backup” (Mac). Alt you can regularly manually backup via “Menu / Backup” (Pc) or “File / Backup” (Mac). Either way it creates dated backup.zip file in your user profile “Documents / eM Client” folder.

2). Don’t use Server Side or Automatic Archive mail and “just manually keep old mail down in Local Folders permanently” by dragging or moving them down to an eg: Old Mail folder whenever you are getting close to your Server Mailbox Quota. If you choose to do that also make sure you also backup eM Client regularly.

3). Increase your Server Mailbox space. Most ISP’s / Hosts have very competitive cloud pricing.

See the eM Client information below on the two types of Archiving available in eM Client.

Archiving with eM Client | eM Client.

Quotes from the above link,

(Server Side Archiving)

Server-side Archive that is available for all IMAP and Exchange email accounts. This function can simply be used by clicking on the archive button that is located on top of the screen or by right-clicking on selected message / messages and selecting Move to Archive . The messages will be moved to a special folder called Archive and will no longer be displayed if you start a search query.

(Automatic Archiving)

The second option is to archive your data to a local folder . This way your data is moved to a local folder structure in eM Client. These are special folders that are still accessible in the program, but your data are no longer available on webmail. This might be especially useful, when you need to save some room on the server, but still want the emails to be quickly accessible. You can configure this in Menu > Settings > Mail > Automatic Archiving and the archiving then starts automatically at selected time intervals.

See also this forum link post below by @Gary on how Automatic Archiving works.


“Automatic Archiving moves messages based on age from IMAP folders to a local folder Archive. This is done on a schedule”.

“The destination is a duplicate of the folder structure on the IMAP server. So if the message to be archived is in the Inbox on the server, it will be in the Inbox in the archive. If it is in the Sent folder on the server, it will be moved to the Sent folder in the archive”.

“This does not create separate folders for each year, but simply duplicates the structure from the server”.

“You can’t rename the Archive folder, but you can create a new folder within the archive and manually move selected files to that folder. The Automatic Archiving will not add messages to that folder though”.

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