How does auto archive work?

I’m currently archiving by hand because as I read the archiving instructions it didn’t seem to handle my needs. Here is what I want.

  • periodically, emclient should go through my inbox and sent box and move messages older than some number of days to a local folder.
  • I want a different local folder for each year.
  • If it can’t handle the year folders, can I simply rename archive to 2021Archive in Jan 2022 and then it’ll startup a new archive folder?

If it is possible, how?

Automatic Archiving moves messages based on age from IMAP folders to a local folder Archive. This is done on a schedule.

The destination is a duplicate of the folder structure on the IMAP server. So if the message to be archived is in the Inbox on the server, it will be in the Inbox in the archive. If it is in the Sent folder on the server, it will be moved to the Sent folder in the archive.

This does not create separate folders for each year, but simply duplicates the structure from the server.

You can’t rename the Archive folder, but you can create a new folder within the archive and manually move selected files to that folder. The Automatic Archiving will not add messages to that folder though.

Ok. So as I understand it, I can either continue to manually move emails every week, or just do it once a year. Hummm. I turned it on.

One question, because I’ve got a week or so before it’ll do its thing. Will I get one archive folder created in local folders, or one for each account?

One Archive folder in local folders.

In that folder, one separate duplicate folder set for each account that you have selected to archive.

Does archiving allow the general speed of the eM Client to run faster when a lot of emails have been saved?

Hello, so does this mean:

  1. That if I have an IMAP account, and within it create 10 extra folders for different categories of emails and put emails, as they come in and are dealt with, into those folders, then if I set up archiving onto a local folder the local folder will replicate all 10 folders and move the emails into those same replicated folders whenever they are the age I set as ready for archiving?

  2. If I have a business account and am running the same IMAP email on more than one computer, can I (and if so how) designate one one computer to do the archiving. i.e. Can each computer be set up differently with only one doing the archiving?

Thank you for clarifying!