Quick-format shortcuts and/or toolbar buttons in message editor

I often write emails where some parts need to be rendered in a distinct style using a fixed-width font. It would be *very* helpful if I could define my own custom keyboard shortcut and/or editor toolbar button to mean “change the font of the selected text to Consolas 10pt Bold Blue” for example.

As it stands now, I have to select the text then open either the format or the font-style dialog, which is slow and wasteful.

I can’t use Quick Text, because the text that needs formatting is different each time.

I can’t really use Paint Format, since it looks to be a one-shot deal. after which it resets. In other words, the “persistent” mode where one would *double*click Paint Format then use it multiple times until ESC doesn’t appear to work in eM client.

Hope this would be considered for a future enhancement.