pst equilavents for storage

Hi.  I am moving away from Outlook and am using gmail, and I thought that EM Client might be the best choice for me.   In Outlook I relied a lot on separate, non-syncing pst files to store emails off the server.  

I cannot figure out a way to set up separate archive files in EM client (in the Outlook framework, separate pst files). I read through some of FAQs and based on this one it appears that EM Client is set up to use one, and only one, “database” (in the framework of EM Client).  So it appears that I cannot use separate psts that do not sync. 

I am trying to keep the size of my online storage with gmail in the “free” range, below 15G, and so this is important for me.  

Would you please confirm that I cannot keep unsynced “archive” folders in EM client (equivalent to pst files in Outlook)?  Thanks. 

Hi Ran,
eM Client does indeed use only one database. However, there are few options to move your messages to folders that won’t sync.
You can set up archiving in Tools > Settings > Mail > Automatic Archiving, which will move older messages to an Archive folder which is stored locally, so it reduces the amount of storage on the server.
Or you can use local folders, enabled in Tools > Settings > General > General and check Show Local folders. These will look like an account, with Inbox, Sent, Draft folders etc. when you can store your mail locally as well.
If you need to avoid syncing all of these messages at once to the server, I recommend turning on the offline mode before opening the pst files and storing your mail locally then. Offline mode is enabled in File > Work Offline.

Best regards,