Protonmail Bridge - Duplicate Emails

Hello All,

Is anyone using emClient for Protonmail? I configured emClient to sync with Protonmail by installing their bridge software in my PC. There seems to be an issue. Every email is shown twice, even the sent ones. I am not sure why this is the case. The only thing I did was to enable “download messages for offline use and to search in message bodies” option in IMAP settings.

Does anyone have the same issue? Is there a fix for this?


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In eM Client go to Menu > Accounts.

Click on the Diagnostics tab for this ProtonMail account.

Add this to the Advanced Options parameter field:
--imap-list-ignore-path "All Mail"

Click Save & Close and restart eM Client.

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@Gary, many thanks for a quick reply. That fixed my problem!

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Hi @Gary, looks like the problem is not resolved. I am still getting emails twice. Have attached a picture for your reference. You can see the time (they are the same mails). Is there anything else I can do?


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You can resolved this issue by disabling the “Show All Mail” option in the advanced options in Bridge (using the “gear” at the top of the Bridge window).


Thank you, good to know. :+1:

So now the user can disable it either in the Bridge or in eM Client.