ProtonMail Bridge and New Account Configuration

This is a step by step to install a New Account using ProtonMail’s encryption Bridge.

THERE IS A TRICK TO SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETING THIS - IT’S PATIENCE.  After I completed the account setup the messages were inconsistent and erratic - sometimes header info would show up - sometimes even the body of messages, but never a complete encrypted message. I COULDN’T GET IT TO WORK SO I KEPT TWEAKING (and I’m not a “tweaker”).   THIS WAS A MISTAKE.  So I did a complete new Account Setup as below and then I went to the gym…  A couple house later, it worked.  I’m guessing that coordination and synchronization at Protonmail’s end needs some time (It’s a mystery, but my configuration below works with both encrypted and clear email).

  1. Download and install the Bridge application from Protonmail - During installation you will log into your ProtonMail account using your user name and password.

After you successfully log into ProtonMail select Address Configuration for your primary account. You will use the newly created Password created by Bridge to configure your new account.  Basically, Bridge logs into ProtonMail and eMclient logs into Bridge.

Highlight the Password and CTRL C to copy it - you will use this later.

2.  From eMcient MENU - TOOLS - ACCOUNTS - NEW (the + on the bottom left).  Skip  Automatic Configuration. Select MAIL - OTHER - NEXT

3.  Enter new Address

4.  Configure the Incoming IMAP Server (the Bridge application running locally).   The incoming server is Bridge on port 1143 which is entered as  The User Name and Password was obtained from Bridge so CTRL V to paste it into this field. 

5.  Configure the SMTP server - again, Bridge - same process.  This time the outgoing server is    As before, paste the password. 

6.  Hit Next and then test your progress. BRIDGE MUST BE RUNNING.

7.  Complete account setup  (NEXT NEXT)  On Account Details you can set the Account Name as you want it to appear in the client application. 
8.  The new account should look something like this.  Note the Password is not the same as your ProtonMail account’s password.  You configured this earlier so don’t change it - just FYI.

The rest of the summary screens follow. 
NOTE - I’ve selected DOWNLOAD MESSAGES on the IMAP configuration screen. 


Good luck!

Thank you for the walkthrough!

Thank you,  after a few tries of my own and some other suggestions on the web, yours is the only that actually works with EM Client and Protonmail.

This method works. Tip: eMClient doesn’t have scroll bars on these screens so if your text scaling in Windows is high (>125%), you might not be able to see/click the password box in the incoming server tab. Set scaling lower and it magically appears.

Thanks for this. Alas, my testing fails every time after following your instructions. Any clue as to where I’m making a mistake or any update that would make this unworkable. I got as far as the unrecognizable certificate. I was able to get it to work in Postbox.


This thread might help you. - ProtonMail Bridge Configuration Not Working - Initial setup - eM Client

I added a step by step here: Protonmail Bridge Setup

ha. just before I saw your post, I simply closed and restarted EM, and it all worked perfectly. Thanks for stepping in though. much appreciated.