Proton mail Labels causing visual email Duplication

The way I understand it, Proton mail Bridge outputs each proton folder and proton label as a distinct folder into eM Client. That means that IF an email has 2 labels attached to it from Proton, eM Client sees that email 3 times:

  1. Inside Inbox folder
  2. Inside Label A folder
  3. Inside Label B folder

It then adds all of them into the conversation view, and thus appear as Tripple.

In contrast Gmail outputs only 3 folders, All mail, Trash and Spam, which means that eM Client sees each email only once, regardless of labels or sub-folders.

So the question is HOW can this be solved? Currently I have disabled all labeling filters inside proton mail because of that, despite the fact that I NEED them when I use Android Proton Mail.

Is there a way to choose inside eM Client WHICH folders can participate in the conversation view?
I also tried to filter them off by entering --imap-list-ignore-path “Label” inside the Diagnostics of the Proton Account in eM Client. It didn’t work.

Any ideas?


No. Conversations include all folders in the account, and can’t be changed to exclude any by the user.

Similar to Gmail, when syncing a Bridge account, the message is displayed three times; in folder A, in folder B, in All Mail.

Unlike Gmail, the All Mail folder in the Bridge is not considered a special folder, so causes duplicate messages in the conversation. (In fact there are actually duplicate messages unlike Gmail where there is only one message with multiple labels) You can disable the All Mail folder from syncing in your Bridge settings.

I have already disabled the All mail folder from Bridge days ago… Don’t tell me things I already know. The problem is from the way it handles the labels, like I said. I know that because I can see the origin of each email from it’s properties and from the de-duplicator, AND by the fact that the problem seizes to exist when I disable labels from proton mail, like I said…

I have found the solution. You solve it by filtering it out through the Diagnostics, BUT by entering the FULL path of the labels. In Proton’s case it’s Labels/Label A. And you can add as many as you want by adding a space between them like so:

–imap-list-ignore-path “Labels/Label A” --imap-list-ignore-path “Labels/Label B” --imap-list-ignore-path “Labels/Label C” … and so on…

You can also filter out Proton folders that way as well.


Yes, I described how to unsubscribe from IMAP folders here: IMAP folder subscription - #19 by Gary

You can use the --imap-list-ignore-path-starts-with "Labels" so you don’t need to enter them individually.


That is infinitely better of course! Thank you so much!