Problems with Yahoo email acounts

I’ve had a problem with accessing my Yahoo email accounts via Emclient since Feb. Passwords are correct, I can access emails via Yahoo, just get constant ‘login invalid credentials’ error box. Any help?

Did you try the suggestions in the Announcement on this forum?

Ok, I already have ver 8.0.3499 installed - and had to pay £20 extra for it. any other fixes?

That is not all that is mentioned. What about app passwords? Are you using one or not?

I personally don’t use Yahoo!, so maybe if the link does not provide any useful info, a Yahoo! user could comment and help you further.

Sorry I don’t understand your grammar, But I don’t use any app passwords. Thanks for your help anyway.
Is there any other Emclient client techs with Yahoo experience that could help?

Is it a translation issue?

If you want clarification on any sentence in my comment, I can do that for you. Just ask.

You said you updated to 8.0.3499, but that is not the latest release version. Can you try the most recent in the Release History and see if there is any difference.

Did you try changing the password using the Yahoo! web interface, and then using the new password in eM Client?

The announcement describes setting up the account manually. Did you try that?