Problems using QHD+ screen (3K) resolution

Problems with font and icon size. It doesn’t show correct in the program. Mainly two issues:

  1. In the program many of the icons are too small to even use. Menus are ok but seems to be a problem scaling the icons.

  2. When receiving a mail written in some formats it converts it to a font so small it is not readable. Only option is to either set everything to plain text (works but looks awful) or use the zoom in tool (not very user friendly and that also turns the text I am typing gigantic on the screen)

I see in the forum at least 2 other users experience similar issues.

Hi Pelle, we’re currently working on some improvements for future releases of eM client, however out of interest can you please tell us what kind of a display you’re using?
What size for example? If you enable touch mode for the application and adjust your DPI settings, you should be able to work with the setup quite comfortably, however it is possible that with the highest DPI settings, this issue may arise.


I am using a Fujitsu LIFEBOOK U904 Ultrabook that has a 35.6cm (14-inch) frameless WQHD+ IGZO display also supports touch input. Also use a second monitor, a EIZO S2232W.

Not so keen on changing hte DPI (Win 8.1) as it will effect everything and other programs I use frequently works excellent.

Will try enable the touch functions. Not seen that setting…


Hi, unfortunately as I explained the only setting that can improve this currently, is the DPI setup in windows or the Touch Mode in eM Client.
However we’re currently focusing on improving the display of certain options in a High-DPI mode for future releases.

Thank you for understanding,

I have a Laptop Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro with a resolution of 3200x1800.
My DPI is at 225% ! and still can barely read my email.

Button are very very small, email very hard to read.
In the future there will be a lots more screen up to 4K, so this should be a priority.

P.S. I have windows 8.1 also

Hi Patrick, thank you for your input on this. We’re currently working on some improvements for high resolution displays that should included in future releases of eM Client.

Thank you for understanding,


I started using eM Client (on Windows 7) a couple weeks ago and was very impressed with the ease of use over Outlook. I just upgraded to a Windows 8.1 laptop with a 3200x1800 display and am experiencing the same problem. Most emails are too small to read and when I increase the zoom, the few emails that aren’t tiny are too large to read more than a few words at a time.

I’ve tried adjusting the resolution and it made other programs unusable (6 desktop icons taking up half the screen).

Is there a time frame on a fix for this? I am interested in upgrading to the Pro version, but this issue makes it a foolish decision. I don’t want to switch back to Outlook or rely on Windows Mail if I can avoid it.


Hi Miguel, have you tried to adjust your DPI settings under the Display settings in Control Panel? Try to set the DPI settings to 150% which should improve the appearance of the application on your QHD+ display.

Unfortunately eM Client 6 has a limited support for larger displays, however we’re currently working on an upcoming release of the application which will include an improved UI and support for high res displays.

Thank you,


I got this new shiny Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro with display 3200 x 1800 and eM Client is not really usable on it. Many icons and texts are small. For example - when creating new e-mail, then signature is in very small print, but once sent it is normal on the other side.

Maybe there are some information on when next version with support for larger definition screens is expected?

Hi, do you have the touch mode enabled on your device? unfortunately when using some High-DPI monitors, some of the icons may appear too small, you can however adjust your DPI settings on your computer, which should allow you to display these items larger.

We’re currently working on an upcoming release of eM Client 7 which should feature an improved support for high-DPI displays as well, eM Client 7 should be released in Summer 2015.


I tried both - with touch enabled and without. Unfortunatelly not much of help there. I played around with DPI but there seems that everything else changes in Windows and other apps exepc in EM Client. :frowning:

Hi again, unfortunately the application currently does not include any other options on how to improve the UI for use with High-DPI displays, but we’re working on the feature for future releases.

I also just upgraded to a new DELL XPS 13 with a QHD+ (3200x1800) display.

Most programs work fine with the higher resolution, but not EM Client 6.

Looking forward to a solution in your next version. If possible I would like to receive a beta version.

Thank you.

Dear All,

I have exactly the same on my MS Surface Pro 3 with Win10. Especially when writing a email, the buttons are very small…
Furthermore; love eMclient, user friendly, customizible, good integration. Solving the scaling issue would make it perfect!

Best regards,


Hello Chris, we’re working on the upcoming release which will include support for high resolution displays. 

Thank you for your support,

I also have this issue. I use a Dell Inspiron with resolution of 3840 x 2160. Any idea when we can expect a release that supports higher resolutions?

Thanks in advance.

Hello, we’re working on the new release, follow us on Facebook or twitter to find out more about the development or up to date info regarding new releases. You can also find more information on our blog available at


I am in the same boat. The issue is the different application behave well differently when you change the DPI. One application might work well at one setting, but another will not. Pain in the butt to have to change the dpi to work with each application.

Any update on this?

Hello Jeremiah,
this will be fixed in the upcoming version 7 which is still being tested and there is no final release date yet.
All new information will still be on our facebook, twitter or blog.