Problem syncing with yahoo email account

Hi. For some reason, I keep getting error messages when eM Client syncs with my yahoo account. I went through everything to set it up. I get email, but then a box keeps opening telling me I have the wrong user name/password. They are both correct.

Please help. Thanks in advance.

I have the same problem. Try open inbox and other folders just leads to error page. Wonder why. I think yahoo mail has problem overall today.
Opinion from other appreciated. Thanks

OK. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one experiencing this. I hope there’s a solution.


i have the same problem. The yahoo account works but every time i get the message, that i have the wrong user name/ passwort.

Thanks for help…

we are aware of this issue and are trying to find a workaround.

Thank you for your reply and your help.

This problem has been going on for a few weeks. Hopefully em Client will get it straightened out soon.

Yes, it looks like they are working on it.

I was having this same problem as well. At least I was getting email into the inbox. Now yahoo forced me to change passwords. eM Client wont connect at all now. So no email in the inbox. Back to the web interface for now. I hope they figure out the workaround. I’m tempted to completely delete remove the client and start over but that brings up another problem.

The installer and the patching system assume that you have rights to install software by default. This is NOT the case. Due to security for other systems I run I have a separate Admin account I need to log into to install and patch. Your installer needs to check and prompt for an admin account to install and patch or at least allow me to save the file to disk so I can run it from another account. This is maybe not a Priority but it sure would make life easier.


Hi John, I get email into my inbox as well, but those pesky error messages keep appearing.

They said they are aware of the problem and are working on it, so let’s she what happens.

I agree; it would make life easier. Good luck and thanks.

Did you change the password in eM Client?

Hi George, no I didn’t. Could you please walk us through it. I’d appreciate it.

My gmail works perfectly; it’s just the Yahoo, so when the browser window comes up with my user name and password, should I change my Yahoo password?


George. Yes I changed it on the fly at first when the popup window complained about the wrong password. When that didn’t work I changed it in the client. Still nothing. At this point eM Client is completely dead for my yahoo account. I am not getting any email at all. I am currently running the latest release 5.0.18 which I installed to test these various password changes.

Malaika: If you change the password in a browser, you have to change it in eM Client too - simply open the menu Tools - Accounts - select the account and change the password in the tab General.
John: Try to disable the account for a while and re-create it. Let me know if it helped.

OK, I reset the password and am not only getting errors with my yahoo account, but now my gmail account is acting up. I took a snippet of the error messages I got, but I don’t want to post them here.

Are there any alternatives?

Send it directly to me at Thank you.

Same problem here. It’s gotta be yahoo. I was using Zimbra and it throws similar errors less often but I can dismiss them. EmClient is more persistant with the errors.

But it’s Yahoo. I tried setting up other clients with yahoo and they wouldn’t setup at all. Emclient was easy to setup and started working right away.

Yeah, I have to agree with you. It’s Yahoo. I still get emails so I guess unless this gets resolved, I’ll just deal with it.

I do wonder what it is in Emclient that is triggering the sign-in error. For example, I just got an email, then the error. Is emclient asking for access to something else that is not allowed? Is that why it throws an error?

And if it’s working, how can I turn the errors off?

I’m new to this forum. Does emclient themselves offer any help here?