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I am interested in emClient but I would like more information regarding how Privacy is handled. I have read and have a question.

The privacy document is written extremely broadly, covering all online and web interaction, and presumably the windows desktop client. However, what I am specifically interested in is understanding what information is shared through the windows desktop client.


I can’t answer the question exactly of course since I don’t really know how eM Client works, but they also have a blog with more FAQ about privacy issues. Maybe what you’re asking is answered there?


Thanks Hope - that definitely answers a lot. It would be great if this was written into the privacy policy or made more accessible on the website.

It sounds like the only information you capture is for license, and there is nothing else i.e. application tracking / analytics etc. It would be god to get confirmation from emclient themselves.

Search engines like Google & Bing etc and apps like FB are generally who track / analyze you. Not usually email clients. It would be strange for an email client to do that.

You would be surprised. It is very common for ios application to track application usage - for example what functions you are using within the app, how often you use the app etc. It is not so common in desktop clients though, however that said it does happen - hence the question.

I think emClient is a great app, and from what I have discovered treats privacy really well. It would be great if emClient marketed it’s strong privacy features and adherence explicitly in their product marketing. Would make life a lot easier for privacy focused people like myself.

The only negative I have found with emClient so far in terms of privacy is when you forward or reply to an email the “Block Unsafe Content” feature is not adhered too. The Block Unsafe Content feature blocks external content referenced in an email. I have seen through discussions on this support forum emClient providing justification for how this works. However, personally I see it as a privacy issue, as it opens up leaking your IP address and tracking to third parties.

It would be great if emClient added a toggle switch / option to enable “Block UnSafe Content” for replying / forwarding emails also. Thunderbird does this by default.

The only negative I have found with emClient so far in terms of privacy is when you forward or reply to an email the “Block Unsafe Content” feature is not adhered too

Ok. So are you saying the Setting in eM Client to “Block unsafe content” etc doesn’t work when replying or forwarding if you enable to block unsafe in settings ? See below screenshot.


Correct. Try forwarding or replying to an email and you will see in the email composition window all the external content for the email being replied too loaded.

Ok yes i see to that replying or forwarding (after testing that block unsafe) does still show external content.

I googled that and and found its because eg: The block unsafe content feature in email clients is normally designed to only block “what you see on received email” and not what other peeps see when you reply or forward.

So would need to be another eM client Settings in Privacy to also block replying and forwarding for unsafe. I guess all depends on how many other eM Client peeps want that feature.

Most peeps I know do want to see external content, so i think its a good thing eM Client doesn’t block replies and forwards by default when sending and only blocks what you see when reading if enabled.

I agree there is a case for having external content displayed by default when forwarding / replying to emails, so I am not suggesting changing it.

But there is a user base which is focused on privacy, and this has been increasing in recent times. I think to have an additional option in the client to toggle “block unsafe content” for replying / forwarding would be a great addition, and make emClient even more water-tight for the privacy conscious people out there. I’ll raise it as a feature request on the discussion forum.

Update - I have created a feature request here. I suggest people post there support if they would like it.

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Yes I agree is a good privacy feature / setting to have for the privacy conscious peeps :+1: