Blocking UnSafe Content option for Replying / Forwarding Emails

Can we have an additional option in the emClient to allow “Blocking UnSafe Content” for emails which are forwarded or replied too. At the moment when you reply / forward an email the “Blocking Unsafe Content” option is not adhered too and all external content is loaded into the message composition window.

This will improve the privacy and security of the application by stopping IP leakage or tracking when replying / forwarding emails.


The first time that happened to me I was quite shocked. I even opened a support ticket with eM Client thinking it was some bug in the application.

But recently I have come to appreciate why external content is loaded in replies and forwards. It comes down to you forwarding unsafe content to another person; why would you send unsafe links to someone when you are not prepared to view them yourself?

Can you imagine if it was some pornographic image, which you didn’t see because you blocked unsafe content, but it ended up in a colleague’s shared Inbox for the whole office to see?

Thank you Gary for the comment. I appreciate your perspective and how you have reconciled why the application operates as it does. However, in my opinion I believe it represents a privacy leak.

As the owner of your email you have the agency to protect your privacy. Each of us are responsible for managing our own privacy. By forwarding / replying an email and not having external content blocked opens up for a privacy breach for the user - with the most basic breach being an IP leak. It is probably true to say most wouldn’t be concerned about such matters, but there are others who go to great lengths to protect their privacy.

I appreciate your comment on why would you send “unsafe” content to another user. It is not necessarily about “unsafe” content, it is about your privacy. The email may be benign. However, the user should have the agency to decide if they wish to remain private. When replying / forwarding emails this privacy is breached . Generally, other email applications, such as Thunderbird block unsafe content irrespective of whether you reading, replying, or compositing.

It would be nice to see an option in emClient to block unsafe content on reply / forwarding. This would add additional strength to the applications privacy features (which are generally great by the way).