Prevent eM Client from directly displaying images in emails

Hello dear community,

I received an email from a friend, as you can see in the picture, a photo with an FFP2 mask. He sent it via the Gmail app on Android, presumably simply integrated the image and it could be in HTML.

Now a look to Thunderbird:

I am amazed that the eM client shows the picture of the message directly and not an empty eMail and the picture as an attachment!

Because for me it’s basically about safety. I don’t want a preview of the content, and certainly not for the image to be displayed directly.

Do I have to configure something in eM Client? I basically read and write emails to “text”

I need the knowledge of Gary :innocent:

Many Thanks :pray:

Unfortunately in eM Client you cannot disable the preview of attached images.

Even if you view messages as plain text (where embedded images are hidden), attached images still display as previews below the message body as in your screenshot.

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Thank you dear Gary. :+1:

That’s how I have the settings, everything in plain text.

Wouldn’t it be an idea for eM Client to display images as attachments like Thunderbird ?!?

I was looking for the exact same thing… in my opinion it is annoying to have images inside the email instead of having a proper attachment. Not to speak about when you have text and a picture or two… at least a simple setting where you can switch it off. Otherwise I like emclient.

Hello dear community,

it is really a pity that the images (As attachment) in the inbox or
Outbox are displayed in the email text of the message.
I mention here 2 important reasons that an image as an attachment is better not displayed in the text of the
email text. (I am not talking about images in HTML text.)
1.) There can be confidential images (technical drawings for example), which I don´t want
somebody see them by random

2.) Or a secret picture of a machine that is being newly developed.

That would be really great, if in an update the pictures remain as attachment.
Best regards Andy

Sounds like you want a “Plain Text No Preview Attachment settings” option for undercover :male_detective:

Hahahaha. that is funny. “Undercover”….

I think, the HTML Script is absolute necessary. (“Only” Plain text is not the solution.)

In the office, we use the MS Client “OUTLOOK”, for example. (There it works with HTML +

NO preview of pictures as an attachment.)

Or like the functions of “THUNDERBIRD” which are mentioned at the start oft he topic.

But except for the point. The EM-Email Client is really great. :blush:

I think, it would be an improvement, if the images (As attachment) in the inbox or

Outbox are NOT displayed in the email text of the message.


But of course I don’t know how much work programming will mean then. ???

A possible solution for you, since the programmers don’t seem to be interested in even offering a way to delete emails without displaying whatever images / links they have. Thus, I hold no hope for images as attachments. Is to have your senders use . Just tell them to send you links to the images, not the images themselves. That will keep them undercover.