Pressing DEL frequently deletes two e-mails; only one restores w/ CTRL-Z

EMC 7.2.500008

For a while now (not sure, probably a couple months or so), when I press DEL to delete an e-mail, it deletes the e-mail along with the next one. I see that this has a long history of happening for some people since 2015, so I’ll address the basic counters:

  1. My delete key on my keyboard works flawlessly. I use it constantly in other applications and there is no double-pressing.
  2. I am not using mouse to right click delete.
  3. It’s happening almost constantly – one on, one off.
  4. It’s not with any particularly account. I have had it happen on Yahoo as well as IMAP accounts accessing Zoho servers.
  5. It happens immediately on first delete when I have opened the program; closing the program and re-running it does not help.

As I’ve noted in the subject, you can CTRL-Z to undelete one of the e-mails, but not the other one.

This is an absolute blocker and it kind of needs to be resolved permanently, fast, please.

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Can you link the thread on this issue.

This might help you. See thread below.

I see on the EMC thread below, two peeps that had the issue turned out to be a “Specific Logitech type mouse” that had a known issue. See end of the thread below, apart from “Conversations” enabled etc.

when deleting, two messages are deleted - eM Client

I believe that I have seen this exact issue using eM Client on an Apple iMac, using an Apple keyboard. I had chalked it up to me holding the delete key too long, but now that I see this, I believe it was the issue that Luckspeare is reporting.

Thanks for your reply. I don’t use my mouse. I use keyboard DEL key. I just tap it briefly in a normal manner – I don’t hold it down for any length of time, and definitely not long enough to trigger key repetition.

(Here is the 2015 thread: Double delete)

Update. It’s even worse/more insidious than I thought. There were three e-mails, in reverse order of time received, one after the other, in my e-mail. E-mails 1 (top/most recent), 2 and 3 (bottom/oldest). I planned to delete e-mail 1, so I made sure I was okay with e-mail 2 disappearing. But when I deleted e-mail 1, it ignored e-mail 2 and deleted e-mail 3. So it skipped one. And that one is not showing up in trash, so I can’t get it back.

Under normal circumstances, I haven’t even read the title of the third e-mail down from the one I’m looking at, so I have no idea what I lost and it can be seriously problematic if it deletes something important.

Maybe suggest you upgrade then to the latest version of eM Client V8.1.x to see if this same thing happens.Only way to know if its anything to do with EMC V7.2.x you are using…

Latest versions of EMC for Windows and Mac via the link -

Note:- Create a backup first in EMC via “Menu / File / Backup” or “Menu / Backup” before you upgrade incase you want to go back to your current version.

I personally cannot replicate this issue on either of my computers with local ISP IMAP accounts or IMAP Gmail, Live accounts using eM Client V8.1x Windows.

I cannot see this is a bug with eM Client program itself as there is too many users of eM Client who never experienced this issue and have many different IMAP & other accounts like Yahoo etc.

Its more than likely a hardware problem or a specific mailbox account problem with those servers.

Googling around the Internet this deleting more than one message at a time happens to many different mail clients and 99.9% of the time it turned out to be a faulty mouse or keyboard related issue.

If upgrading to eM Client 8.1.x to test doesn’t make any difference, then I would advise to get another cheap wired keyboard and wired mouse and test them as other peeps did out on the internet. That what’s i would do if i had that issue with any mail client.

If you want or prefer to go back to EMC Ver 7.2.x for Windows see this eM Client support link.

How can I downgrade back to eM Client 7? - Powered by Kayako Help Desk Software

Not sure if buying v8 is really what I want to do. It does the same thing with another keyboard and mouse, plus I have not had any problem in any other application with my existing keyboard/mouse. It deletes an e-mail it couldn’t reach even if the input was doubled (deleting the third e-mail from the one originally deleted). Tried Mailbird and it deletes e-mails normally.

Well, thank you anyway. I’m going to switch to Mailbird because I just can’t have this issue happening, and spending money to upgrade to a newer version of the software in light of the fact that no fixes have ever been found/announced sounds like a plan for frustrating disappointment.

I know it’s probably frustrating on you guys’s end too, so I wish you luck on it. Thanks for replying.

Hey there,

i have the same issue. I recognized it today. Maybe it was an issue before and i never really saw it that the emclient deletes another Mail also. I also have the problem that it doesnt restore the Mail with “undelete”. It just restores my manually deleted mail but not the one which was deleted by emclient.

I use the Version 8.1.1087

I have a Logitech Wireless Mouse but i delete my Mails with an wired Keyboard (DEL Key).

Any idea?

I would say it IS a bug a affects multiple Logitech mice, inc. mine. It depends on the mouse - need to sort this out as only impacts emclient, nothing else!!

September 2023 - issue still occurs, but emclient ignore the bug AND you can only restore one email if it deletes multiple, so you can’t always would out what deleted, e.g. deleted vie sender sort