Double delete

When I press the delete to delete an email - frequently it double deletes. It is not my mouse since this happens on multiple computers. I have to restart the program, the emails that weren’t supposed to be deleted show back up. This problem happens very frequently. When it starts double deleting I must restart the program for it to not double delete.

Hi David,
that sounds like a curious issue, can I just ask about more specifications? What windows version does this happen on? Are you running the latest eM Client? Did this just start to happen recently?
Is your Internet Explorer up to date? If so, can you try resetting it to the default settings?


windows 10
I have the latest version of em Client
It’s been happening at least 6 months if not longer.
IE is up to date
I have not changed setting in IE since I do not use it.

It happens usually at least once a day. I just close emclient and reopen and it starts working properly.

This issue is still happening with the newest version of em client.  7.0.27XXXX.   Now more frequently.

Is anyone looking into this issue?  I too have this issue very frequently exactly as David describes from 2 and 3 years ago.  I am having this issue today. 

It is still happening to me.   I just deal with it.   I close the app and open it back up.  The deleted email shows back up in my inbox.   However, with the newest version of EM Client it can take a while for EM Client to close.  Long delay from 30 sec - 1 min to close.   I would change to another email program but I don’t feel like going through the trouble of redoing all my lists (categories).

I also have this very annoying problem!  I am a brand new user and downloaded the most recent version. Noticed this happening right away. Please emclient people, please respond.  It can cause us to miss emails because it’s not always obvious you have deleted two emails instead of one because it happens so fast.

Hello Vspoils,

I’ll try testing this scenario which could cause it. As a workaround, You can check the option “Ask before deleting item” in Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Confirmations which should prevent it. 


Follow up.   I stopped using emclient because of this issue about a month ago.   I am now using Outlook.   Guess what?   I have had the same issue in outlook, therefore this appears to be a yahoo problem.  The difference with Outlook however is that I don’t need to restart the program to see the deleted emails again, I just need to refresh the email feed.  The emails are not really deleted, they just disappear from the inbox temporarily.   

My eM is pulling from my gmail account so it is definitely not a provider issue for me in any case. I thought maybe it was my mouse but I can’t say until I hook up another one. It has never given me any trouble before.  Asking before deleting each time will really be a flow killer and cause me to dump the client. What I would like is a checkbox column to allow users to check off the emails for deletion in one go.  Often when I control click the emails I want to delete they all open and that is a major pain. Again I thought – is it an overzealous mouse? I never had issues like this before.  I’ll find another mouse and give it a go.