PreFetch Failed appears after upgrade

emClient just updated (I allowed it to update that is) adn all of a sudden I’m getting this warning. Yes, I use GoDaddy, but it wasn’t an issue until I updated emc. So…not eager to poke at GD.

I have no offline folder that I know of. I certainly didn’t set one up on purpose as I don’t know what it does for me.

Any idea how to silence this annoyance?

This is a server error, but it shouldn’t affect normal use of eM Client. However, if you ever use eM Client in offline mode, so when not connected to the Internet, you may not be able to see all the message contents. That is because when you are connected, your server is not able to provide the data to be cached for later.

For reference, this question was also answered here and here.

Thank you for the info. It seems to have gone away after a restart. So…not the continuous annoyance it threatened to be.

Oh…I take that back. It DOES come back even after a restart. How do I get it to go away?

It is a server error, so you will need to ask your email provider to fix it.

Until they do, you can disable the offline cache in eM Client. You will find this setting in Menu > Accounts then in the Exchange Web Services tab. Just untick the option and click on Save & Close.


Is anyone else getting occasional Prefetch errors after updating to Version 9.2.2093? This never used to happen before the update. Is there any way of fixing this?

Strange that this “server error” should affect both Godaddy and Microsoft (my email provider) only after upgrading to the latest version of eM Client.

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That is the same. It is an Exchange server error, so whether you are connecting to an O365 service purchased directly from Microsoft, or sold through GoDaddy, it is the same server.

Your best option is to contact the email provider and have them fix this server issue.

GoDaddy said to remove the account from emClient and re-create it. IMHO that this happened the second I updated is…suspicious. Have not removed my account from emC as I don’t want to risk trashing something that is annoying for something that won’t come back.

Because this is a server error, it will most likely re-appear.

You can disable the offline options as I mentioned above, then because eM Client is not asking the server for the offline data, you won’t run into this server error.