portable version

Is it possible to install eM Client and run it from USB flash disc?

It is currently not possible.

We used to offer an U3 version of eM Client, but as the platform is no longer properly supported on newer systems we figured out it is not worth our time.

Filip, maybe you could make its specs compatible with PortableApps.com format?

Hello, good point! The format seems to be reasonable. We’ll take it into consideration.

This is one thing that would convince me to switch completely over from my current email program. I will keep watching on portableapps for a compatible version.

emclient portable was much appreciated!

waiting for portable em!

waiting for the portable version.


Would try em Client only if it is offered in a portable version. Since it is not, I guess this means that it is not truly open source. Will skip it for now.

Open source or not has nothing to do for a software to be portable. Unfortunately eM Client is a .NET based application. That make a software less ideal to be in a portable environment regardless of being open source or not.

rovnez pockam az na portable verzi, bez tohoto je pro me pouziti SW neprakticke a nebezpecne -nezle zazalohovat prp pripad havarie automaticky jednu slozku

Verze 5, jejíž beta verze je k dispozici zde na fóru obsahuje funkci Zálohování - mělo by to vyhovět Vašemu požadavku.

I would like to see a portable version as well. .NET is not an issue, this is installed by default on all recent Microsoft OS

I would also like to have it in portable version.

me too! I just found this e-mail client and it is awsome. Really like it. Please make it portable.

+1 for a PortableApps.com version please

I would use this email client also if there was a portable version.

I would love this as well. I don’t even mind about the .Net requirement, I just want to store the settings and application on a USB drive and all the computers I will use it on already have .Net.

Thank you - we will certainly re-consider it, but it is not planned at the moment.