portable version

this is very important to us. we are considering the client for our company.
having the files usb ready is a prerequistite forus.

please make EMClient portable quickly!
We are still testing and so far it looks promising

+1 for PortableApps as well


Unfortunately we are not planning portable version, we have to focus on things required sooner by more users.


PortableApps version Please!!


Unfortunately we are not planning portable version, we have to focus on things required sooner by more users.




I have changed this topic to Idea but please be aware of that we still do not plan it, but now it is officially opened for +1 bumps :slight_smile:


If you would aslo like to see “delayed Send” added to emClient, please vote for it here:

Seems very irelivant to this topic and there are many other important features I would like first like the ability to archive from smartfolders.


possibility to archive from smart folders is planned, but unfortunately I can’t give you exact time now.

with regards

portable please :!

Him, portable version is not planned we have discussed and there would be problems with making it working.


Dear Jan!

What problems do you mean?

I tried to use eM Client from my pendrive (Kingston 128GB DTHX30/128GB)
and it worked well. Even faster as from my HDD! That is because I moved
the mail folder to a TrueCrypt image on my pendrive (I used an NTFS soft link
to force eM Client to use another mail folder).

Most popular email clients have a protable version (for example:
The Bat! Voyager or Thunderbird Portable).
I think you should have one too!

If you discovered problems, you should solve them! :slight_smile:

Am I wrong?

I would buy an eM Client Portable version if you would also implement a
ClearType enable/disable option for the used fonts.
(Currently I have no way to disable ClearType in the Mail Compose window…)

Can you tell me how do you manage your licenses?


I would also consider buying emClient and fully replace my Thunderbird portable if there was a portable version.

This should not be too complicated from a developer point of view, from what I have seen emclient already supports changing the database folder, from my admittedly limited point of view (I am no programmer) it should be fairly straightforward too.
The only thing needed was for emclient to check for the existence of a settings.xml in the program folder, before using the one on the profile folder, and supporting a relative path for the database folder in the settings.xml which it probably already does anyway.

EDIT: It does, if you setup your settings.xml file with a relative path to the database folder it works, only limitation is that you still need the file in the profile folder.

Hi, this is currently not being considered or planned, portable version is not distributed anymore due to licensing, user base and other issues.

Thank you for understanding,

Potřebuji použivat eMclient na dvou PC (jednou pracuji doma, jindy v kancelari). Mam s tim samozrejme problem, protoze se tezko “sychnronizuji” treba pravidla pro spravu emailu. Emaily samotne jsou zpristupnovany pres IMAP. Jak bude em client fungovat, kdyz se nainstaluje do nejake sdilene slozky typu Dropbox? 

Dobrý den,
bohužel na tohle instalace programu dělaná není. Teoreticky by šla přes Dropbox sdílet pouze databáze, ale pravděpodobně by mohl nastat problém s rozpoznávání licence (pokud nebudete mít koupenou PRO licenci s dvěma aktivacemi), ale jelikož databáze není dělaná na více přístupů, pravděpodobně by se mohla data poškodit a mohl byste o ně přijít.
Lepší řešení by možná bylo pravidelně exportovat nastavení, pravidla etc do XML souboru a ten si synchronizovat na dropbox - při zapnutí eM Clienta na jiném zařízení byste jen importoval toto nastavení, pokud by došlo ke změnám.

S pozdravem,

I would also greatly benefit from having a portable version.