Please add "remove labels" action + shorcut

Please add an action to eMClient that removes all labels from a (gmail) email with one click or shortcut.

Why? – Emails in a gmail folder are theoretically already “archived” (since they are not in the inbox). Therefor removing an email from a folder (= removing the label) in order to “archive” it, needs another action.

In gmail there is a button for that: “remove all labels”. – This will move the email to the “All Mail” folder, stripped from any or all labels.

Please add a similar action to eMClient in order to work efficiently with gmail folders / labels, and most importantly, allow a shortcut to be assigned to this action!

Thank you.

We already have an option for that for Gmail and Google Workspace accounts. Just select the message and click on Archive.

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Gary, did you read my description thoroughly? Because I think you’re mistaken.

Gmail emails in a gmail folder / label are technically already “archived”. There isn’t even an “archive” button in the right click menu. That’s the whole point of my question.

No, they aren’t archived. If they have a label, so show in a folder, they are not archived. In Google terms, archived means “no label”.

I never said to right-click. I said to click on Archive. You will see the Archive button in the toolbar.

Hi Gary:

  • No, in Google terms, “archived” means: “not in the Inbox”

  • The Archive button you are referring to is greyed out (proving my point once again: those emails are already ‘archived’).

I appreciate your help, but it seems we are having wildly different experiences / understandings of how gmail works, and how gmail works inside of eM.

No, if a message has a label for another folder like Sent, it is not archived. Archiving means it has NO labels.

The Archive button is not clickable if you are in the archive - so if you are in All Mail Folder. You need to be in a folder like Inbox or Sent. That is because archiving in Google terms means to remove the labels. So you need to be looking at a message that has a label in order to remove it. That will be messages in “folders”, so Inbox, Sent, and any custom folders you have created yourself.

Hello Gary, I appreciate your help, but I feel this conversation is going nowhere.
We clearly have a very different understanding of archiving behaviour in Gmail and how that reflects inside eM Client.

So let’s leave it at that, shall we?

My reason to post here is:
a) to allow other people with the same request to find mine and upvote it
b) to attract the attention of the dev’s

For clarity, and for the sake of other users, my request is the following:

  • add an action that “removes all labels” from emails (which is NOT the same as archiving)
  • allow a custom shortcut for this action

Just try it. If you want to remove all the labels from a message in a Gmail Inbox, click on Archive. Then look in All Mail. You will find it there without any labels.

The keyboard shortcut is customisable as well.

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I found using my Gmail account and eM Client V9.2.2157 on Win 11 Pro (23H2) & testing multiple times clicking the Archive button on Inbox messages with labels and tags already setup, if i click an email in the Inbox which already has Gmail labels and Local Tags setup, when i click Archive and then go to All Mail, “only the Inbox label is removed” as per the below screenshot example below. All other labels and tags stay intact. This same thing also happens on the latest eM Client for Mac as well with a Gmail account.

(Gmail Inbox Message) - Inbox and Tags already setup.

(Gmail All Mail folder) - Only Inbox Label was removed.when i pressed Archive.

Yes, but like I have already tried to explain already multiple times, I am NOT talking about emails in the Inbox!

I am talking about emails that [in gmail terms] are “archived” but still have labels, or [in eM Client terms] reside in a folder.

I hope this makes things clear now and we can stop waisting each other’s time. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok i don’t know anyway to automatically remove “in one go” all the labels from the Gmail All Mail (Archive) folder. I normally have to manually remove those if i no longer want them connected to a message.

You may need to do that online in your Gmail account. Maybe suggest to ask the Gmail Community forum.

The feature already exists in Gmail. But I want to have it in eM. :slightly_smiling_face:

I use eM because it has more features than Gmail, in terms of sorting & grouping messages. So switching back to gmail is not an option, as it’s the whole reason why I downloaded an external client.

The feature already exists in Gmail. But I want to have it in eM

What do you do in Gmail online to remove all labels in one go from All Mail ? Is there a eg: Remove all labels button or some other procedure to do that.

I’m not sure if this is relevant, but in Gmail it goes like this:

use case:
people use folders (in gmail: “labels”) to organise emails by topic or project.
Once you have read the email, you might want to remove it from your topic.
In gmail this means: “remove the label from the email”. You can’t achieve this by archiving, since technically, the email is already archived (since it is not in your inbox).

Gmail offers a button to remove labels from an email with one click.
I would like to have the same button in eM Client. :slightly_smiling_face:

disclaimer: I never said my question was about email in the All Mail folder!

Gmail emails with labels in the All Mail folder indeed behave differently…
Basically because Gmail is a mess and Google didn’t get its concepts straightened out.

But that’s another discussion.

disclaimer: I never said my question was about email in the All Mail folder*

Quote: - “I am talking about emails that [in gmail terms] are “archived” but still have labels, or [in eM Client terms] reside in a folder”

As you mentioned in one of your posts above that you are talking about archived emails in Gmail (and not the Inbox emails), then that means “the All Mail folder” being that is the Archive folder for all archived mail in Gmail. So why i am talking about All Mail.