Plan the meeting with Zoom or MS Teams

Is there a way to plan the meeting with Zoom or MS Teams in a way, the link is inserted directly to the meeting request body? MS Outlook allows using plugins for the purpose, i.e., you install the plugin and the Zoom or MS Teams’ button would be available in the calendar, so clicking on it creates the meeting with the respective link.
If this feature is not available, that’s the best/convenient way to plan the meeting with the meeting clients (like Zoom/MS Teams, etc.)? Is there an ETA for such feature availability?


See if this is of any help:


Sounds good, thank you!

It is now in the 8.2 beta:


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That’s awesome news! Looking forward to it.

Wonderful news! I was missing the integration with online meeting providers.
I hope all major ones will be there: Meet, Zoom, Teams, and Zoho.

All the major ones you mentioned except Zoho are supported. We added IceWarp meetings instead.

Thank you @George_Wilson!

Can we not select the meeting instead of googlemeet/zoom/teams.
We use ringcentral & blue jeans. If you can allow the user to select the meeting link, that will be great.

Just select a “Standard Event” (not an Online Meeting") and add a link to either RingCentral or BlueJeans in the event description…

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