Place cursor in Filter field for Move to Folder

Wondering if it would be possible to have the cursor placed in the Filter field by default when using “Move to Folder”? Probably the same for “Copy to Folder”, but I never use that function. Since I search for folder by name instead of scrolling through a long list, having the cursor in the Filer field by default would be great, as right now I have to remember to click on the field before searching.
This is the field I am referring to:

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Wondering if it would be possible to have the cursor placed in the Filter field by default when using “Move to Folder”?

Ah interesting as I allways thought the cursor was there by default automatically, and have never noticed it isn’t. Good feedback.

Maybe most peeps like me allways just clicked straight down to the folder due to habit and forget you can just type a couple letters of the parent folder instead as well to make it quicker.

The only problem I found with typing in the filter search is that eg: if you have sub (Non parent) folder (label) and you want to jump down quickly to those labels like alot in my eg: Gmail acct sub labels, they don’t display at all which is still annoying for me & some others on this forum using Gmail Sub folder Labels in this thread.

(Last post on this thread above) which appears this is fixable as apparently works in Mailbird.

@bsadv post from the above thread)

I’ve seen this working in Mailbird also (like in Gmail): the filtering is not done on only the folder-name, but on the whole folder-path. This works like a charm!

The solution should not be that difficult: instead of filtering on only name of folder, do a filter on ‘name or any parent-folder-name’ (a.k.a. ‘full folder-path contains search-phrase’)

It should already do that.

What version of eM Client are you using? (Menu > Help > About)

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Ah yes Gary looks like in the latest V9 the “Flashing Cursor” in the filter “does actually now work” in all the Themes (including the default Dark eM Client Theme) I tested, so could maybe be a eg: custom “Dark Theme” modified problem, which is not showing the cursor in @delerium example at the top, unless he has an older eM Client version as you queried above.

9.0.1361 (647eebe3)
Only purchased and installed over the weekend.

There is a new version available.

You can download it from the Release History, or here directly:

Before I update, is the process just install the update file? Just making sure there’s nothing I need to do with the current install first.

Yes, just download the file, close eM Client and install the msi by double-clicking on it in Windows Explorer.

Unfortunately that version does not place the cursor in the Filter field either.

Yes, I saw that post, though not really an issue for me as I rarely use duplicate folder names nor create sub-folders in the same manner as mentioned in that post.

Will this be available in a future release? v9.0.1708 doesn’t fix the issue - the cursor does not default to the Filter field. Trying to love eM Client, but this is slowing me down. Every email I receive gets move to another folder after taking care of it.

What scaling are you using in your Windows display settings?

If it is anything other than 100%, as a test, can you change it back to 100% then restart eM Client.
Do you still have a missing cursor?

Still missing, but some further tests: I am using a laptop with a monitor, and Windows 10 multiple displays setup as “Extend these displays”. Laptop screen is main display, monitor is 2nd display. Laptop screen is set to 250% scale because the resolution is 3200 x 1800. If I run eM Client on the laptop screen, the cursor will show up in the Filter field most of the time, about 19 times out of 20. I cannot run this screen at 100% scale because you wouldn’t be able to see anything!
The monitor is set to 125% scale with a resolution of 2560 x 1440. If I run eM Client on the monitor, which I normally do, the cursor will not show up, even at 100% scale.

Great! This solved my issue. I just switched scaling to 125% but didn’t realize that could be the cause.