picture not showing up in signature

I have put in standard signatures with a logo in it but it does not show up when people receive the email. It is not a problem with them having to accept pictures from me or not. They simply don’t get that option (tested it as well). They just show up as broken images.

What version of EMClient are you running ?

What folder do you link your logo to your Email Signature ? eg:- Do you link it from your user profile local My Pictures folder in Windows, or do you link it from a website url pictures folder.

Version 7. I add the pictures from my dropbox account from a local folder on my PC.

Ok. If you email yourself the same email signature, do you also see a broken link for the logo, or does the logo appear ok ? Also when you insert the logo, do you click Insert Image" ? or are you pasting in the logo in the Signature. I allways use the Insert Image.

sorry for the late reply. Yes when I email myself the links are broken. I always use insert image.

I would then test if the problem is with linking from Dropbox. Try creating a local folder in My Pictures and insert your logo in your signature from that folder.

I have now tried from a local folder and the result is the same. Any other suggestions?

Ok. Have to tried insetting your logo as a .jpg ? If you have allready, then try opening an saving your logo in an alternate paint program and reinsert the image in your signature as EMClient might be fussy about the type of png or jpg. I normally save all my pictures and logos with Paint.nethttps://www.getpaint.net/download.html#download 

Still does not work and it should work with the formats since it is working on my PC. It is only when I switch to the laptop that it does not work. :frowning:

Did you bring the signature over from your PC, or did you recreate it on your laptop?

Yes the signature was brought over but the pictures were imported again. 

All my documents are in dropbox which is installed on both computers. I have also tried to move the pictures to a local folder on the laptop and it does still not work. 

I would then next create (on your laptop) another eg: Test Windows Profile to see if there is some EMClient corruption within your current Windows laptop profile. Sometimes creating another profile is a quick easy way to see where the problem lies.

Does the picture appear in the email in the sent items?

no there is a broken “link” as well. 

But it appears as it should when composing an email?

The Dropbox folder is a local folder, synced with a remote folder, so that should not make any difference.

yes that is correct


So it appears something is going wrong when rendering the html. Can you send me an email with this signature to my email gary.curtin@gmail.com

Henrik Ive seen this problem on a friend’s computer yesterday.

His EMClient composed emails with picture signatures (that looked perfect) and as soon as he sent the email, the picture logo was broken in the sent box. So I suspected the picture was corrupted in some way even though it looked perfect

So I then screen captured the picture logo and pasted it into paint.net and saved that as a new .jpg picture on his hard-disk. Then deleted his signature picture logo and inserted the new picture logo.

Now his sent emails are showing his picture logo. So in his case the image in the signature was corrupted even though it looked perfect when composing.

So try screen capturing your logo and resave it as a new picture in paint.net to see if that fixes the problem.