Phantom Meeting Cancellations

Twice this week I have had meeting recipients receive “Meeting Cancelled” notifications for meetings I had scheduled. Unfortunately I had never cancelled the meetings. Looking at the Calendar event, it showed that the recipients were no longer in the meeting. This is a huge problem for me as I schedule meetings with customers all the time.

Any help is appreciated, because if this continues I have to discontinue using eM Client as I can’t afford to have meetings mysteriously cancelled. Thanks.

Can anyone help me with this?


can I ask what calendar service provider do you use? Also are you sure that these events are not cancelled by any of your colleagues?


John - thank you for your reply. I’m using Google Calendar. As I was the meeting host, I was the only one who could have cancelled the meeting. The meeting still showed on MY calendar, but the other participants were removed from the meeting. It is as if I deleted the participants from the event, keeping the event intact, but removing them. From their end, they would have seen the meeing as being cancelled. There were only 3 participants in the meeting: myself, a colleague, and a customer.

I just now ran into another issue this morning where my colleague received a meeting declined message from ME on his meeting, but when I go to the meeting it shows as I have accepted. Same colleague as before - - he and I book many meetings together.

I have just checked Google Calendar, and it also shows me as having accepted the invite.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

then I will need your GData logs, Tools - Settings- Advanced, check GData under your account, apply and restart eM Client.

Then follow steps which leads to this issue and after that send logs… to together with this topic’s url (send those logs by email do not attach them here).

then you can turn logging off.


Thank you John. I ran into the issue again today. Will do as you recommend and forward logs via email following another occurrence. Thanks.

I have not received anything from you yet, have you sent it already?

No I have not. I was not able to change the settings until after I ran into the latest issue. Once I’m aware of another rogue cancellation I’ll forward. I’ve even setup a test calendar event with my colleague to attempt to trigger the condition, but nothing yet. This does not happen to every event and I have not identified any common characteristics for those that do.

okay, I will respond to you over email when I will receive it :slight_smile:


John - I just sent you the logs. Greatly appreciate the help.

I have received them and forwarded to developers, I will respond to you over email when I will know more.


Jan - my problem has gone from bad to worse today. I’ve now had 3 meetings removed from my calendar this morning alone. I’m now getting a mountain of synchronization errors. I like the product, but the instability I’m dealing with in untenable. I will send you one last log and hope that your programmer can figure out what is going on. Thanks.

Received, forwarded again to the developer. I will discuss this with him today after he will finish his work he has to do.


Hi John,

Personnel at my organization are also experiencing this same issue. We’ve been using this product for over a year now and this issue just suddenly cropped up. We also use eM client as a front end with google apps running our calendars.

In our case, the problem occurs intermittently when a calendar event is created within eM client. Once one of the recipients accepts the invitation then the event is cancelled. All invitees then receive an event cancelled notification. As you can imagine this is not helpful functionality.

If the same process is repeated using only the google web interface this issue never occurs so the problem is directly related to eM client and not the calendar service provider.

Hi John. I’m from the same company as lstern and will be attempting to resolve this issue on our end. I believe the issue may be related to eM Client synchronizing incorrectly with Google.

(We’ve been trying to capture logs from the affected users’ computers, but each time the calendar “uninvite” happens, we go to find the logs only to find that GData logging has been disabled automatically. Is there a time limit for logging?)

We can’t see anything unusual about the way the event is created. This user usually uses the “Scheduling” tab in the Event dialog to insert the invitee names.

We are currently running version 5.0.18661.0 I see version 5.0.19406.0 was recently released. Do you recommend updating to this version?

cam you please send me .eml files of those canceled meetings? Better more than few, there might be informations about this behaviour in them…

send them to with this topic’s url in subject please.



have you sent these things which I have requested?


Hi John. I’ve just sent you eml’s of the invite and the cancellation notice. Unfortunately, I’ll need to wait until it happens again to send more examples. Thx. DZ

I have received and will take a loser look at it as fast as possible.


Hi John

My colleague and I have been unable to catch the intermittent meeting cancellation issue in action while the GData collection is active. The GData logging automatically turns itself off after a certain number of days for some reason which has not helped.

I see that the user Elwood did manage to send you his logging GData capturing the issue. Can you please post the results of your analysis so that we can all benefit from it.

We continue to be plagued by this problem.