pgp / openpgp support - any plans?

How about openpgp / pgp support - imho a must for a serious enterprise level email client.

We support s/mime technology which is industry standard for email encryption/signing. We don’t plan to support PGP in near future. In fact there are not so many clients that support PGP out of the box, because s/mime is much more common. In corporate area s/mime is used almost exclusively.

For me PGP/ GnuPG support is a very welcome feature. I do use this since several years for signing and encrypting mails.

Currently I’m in the stage of testing this mail client (anf yes if it is good I’m willing to buy a license), but I’m not sure if I will be happy with it without PGP/GnuPG support. Let’s see…

Sad to hear that OpenPGP is not supported. I am looking to switch from Thunderbird – but not to any software without OpenPGP support. My bank sends me daily e-mails with my account transactions and these are encrypted with OpenPGP (not S/MIME) and I need to be able to open those mails.

Very sad that PGP/GnuPG support is not planned.
I work in the financial Bussiness in Germany and all our Bankpartners send PGP encrypted Mails… No signs of S/MIME …
Would be a great feature…

To revive an old thread… there really should be an openPGP/GnuPG implementation as well as s/mime…


We have to use openPGP/GnuPG at our company. If eM Client would support it would be perfect!



Yes, a PGP option would be a welcome feature. Thank you.


I am just evaluating eM Client and like it so far (considering to upgrade to pro). I love the integration with Google Calendars and Contacts.

What I am really missing and love to see is the PGP/GnuPG support. Please add this, thank you!

Same here! Just bought another OpenPGP smart card and use it almost exclusively for encryption.
The GPGME API is not that hard to use (…), free (LGPL) and so it isn’t too hard to add this.

Any plans for openpgp in eM? I think in this times it is a must have for a good mail client. And eM is very good and much better with pgp!


Unfortunately we are not planning to implement this in close future because we focus on more required features requested by our clients/users.

with regards

Sad to read that: We planned to switch from Outlook to EM Client but without PGP/GPG support this is a NO-GO!


I am sorry to read this but we have some plan and we need to follow it.


Please implement PGP/GnuPG. I really don’t want to get into hassles of S/MIME

Same here. I’m testing eM and it is a really great piece of software and would be worth buying it. But without PGP/gnuPg integration it’s almost worthless for me.
Esp. with regard of the NSA affair and the rising need of privacy protection it would be a good point to rethink the schedule of upcoming features of eM.

I’ll redact my previous statement regarding SMIME. I’m not adopting or using it moving forward.

Relying on central certificate authority trust is becoming increasingly insecure, especially if the central certificate authority is based in the USA, as eluded to in recent news reports of NSA domestic spying. Plus, having to renew SSL email certs once every year is a big problem for wide adoption. Not to mention you have to remember to keep all your old certs to read older, encrypted mail. PGP can last for a very long time, as long as there is trust the keys remain uncompromised. I feel more comfortable trusting the folks I communicate with in my address book than an unknown, “untrusted” third party. Yes, this argument can be applied to SSL certs in general. However, with email, at least we have a choice. eM Client should realize this fact and build-in PGP support. Heck, even the folks at Mailvelope can do it with client-side Javascript! :slight_smile:

Please reconsider this feature on your roadmap as P1.


With all due respect John, we are your clients and users. We have taken the time to research, download, install, configure, use and provide feedback on the eM Client software. It is one of many. Personally, I think it is the only one with the most potential to become the best, especially if eM Client team really listens to it clients and users providing feedback on this board. :slight_smile:

Sad. I guess I have to stick to Outlook then :confused:


Too sad to read this but I hope that our features and functionality will talk to you one day.

best regards