pgp / openpgp support - any plans?

I relink to this discussion here:…
So, that we can parcipate, as I imagine that here are some follower who can support the idea.

My personal decision, as my trial account runs out in some days, will be that I will remigrade to thunderbird. I still think that eM is a great client. But I will not pay for a full account when it doesn’t support an essential feature.

Still in development but a step in the right direction will hopefully be mailpile which was just successful funded on indiegogo.

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pity the PGP shall not be implemented. After the revelations by Edward Snowden you should think about the quickly. Without PGP support Em client will probably have no future.


I understand your concern, you can still use certificates in eM Client now.

or you can use method I use sometimes - I make document and then I rar it multiple times with key, then I send those keys by different ways over different protocols to recipient.

and about E. Snowden, I highly doubt that US “security” agencies cares about private emails of users… So far what is known that they has bots searching for keywords and then it is filtered until very little % of emails are reviewed by them.

Also there already might be computers available to crack even 256bit encryptions, as for quantum computers that is no problem.

Anyway because I see that this feature is highly required, I personally will support this in next feature meeting.
Still I can’t promise anything as I am simple technician only.

with regrds

Dear Jan,

I thank you for supporting a pgp implementation. Maybe it will not be a priority, but at least someone tries to push it.

About the “caring” of the US scurity: I agree, that the nsa is not interested in my personal or official correspondence. That’s not the point. But the violation of (my and erveryones) privacy and the malicious distrust of an alleged friend (as I’m from Germany and the US goverment claims to be a friend) disturbes me quite hard. Therefore I draw the obvious conclusion.
Maybe pgp is not uncrackable (anymore), but it will at least make a point, that I won’t let my privacy go that easily.

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thank you for your understanding :slight_smile:

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yes after snowden, mailclients must have better privacy security otherwise the mailclient have no future and openpgp is a must have…please implement pgp and iam willing to pay for the next em client release :wink:

If any of you would also like to see the “delayed send” feature added to emClient, please vote for Delayed Send here:…

Any view yet on the support for this feature?


unfortunately no change on this :frowning:

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The same on our side. We are trying em client at the moment, but without PGP-support it is a NOGO!

I’d love to spend my money on em client, but without pgp/gpg support i have to say: sorry, no deal

an other thunderbird user here, i would be happy to switch to emClient, but i need gpg-support


I am really sorry but we do not plan to implement support for PGP/OpenPGP.


Oh well, USA Based Company which doesen’t want to implement PGP … Not such a big surprise lol! The Mail Client and it’s functionality is great but without PGP support nowdays completely USELESS! Seems like I have to stick with Thunderbird! sadly :frowning:

I understand your concern, but PGP is possible to be cracked on my home computer in realistic time. And there is many specialized hardware tools which are cheap and do it even faster.

To be honest nothing you share over internet is safe, no matter how good it is encrypted.


Either you are fucking stupid or you are the first person to have a working quantum computer at home!

This is nonsense! You should inform yourself about asymmetric encryption (Wikipedia is your friend:…)!

If you choose a strong passwort and a key with 4096 bit length you will need decates to break it by brute force.

Tak0r is right: Nobody is interested in having strong encryption for the people he/she wants to control!

holy fuck… that’s the best troll attempt in years! for sure pgp is insecure, that’s why my bank uses it exclusively over s/mime. *rolleyes*