Payment by Crytocurrency should be allowed

I do not see the downside of accepting payment of license via cryptcurrency.
So many banks have messy policies that limit countries.
So many sanctions on so many countries. Cryptocurrency gives freedom to finance.
It should be enabled for the purchase of em client license.

Too many persons in my region (over 50) turn away from this amazing software because it does not allow cryptocurrency payment.

Trust me, I need at least 8 pro licenses for all my workers but all I got is bitcoin, bnb, usdt, eth, etc.

Just help me. Even if an intermediary would be involved. I will purchase.

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Might be best to plead your case to: [email protected]

On my way to pleading right away.

The program with crypto currency is that eg: You might go to accept a payment and the next minute that crypto exchange goes under or gets hacked before you get the money. In my opinion they are not be to be trusted untill they are backed by someone like a bank to protect peeps.

There are cryptocurrency payment gateways that can’t go away faster than many banks.
Someone in the team really has to consider this and watch sales pileup. You can get bitcoin and have it sold for extra funds. Em client team can charge a little more higher for crypto option.

It is certain that members of their team will be agile and active crptoinvestors.
They just have to let us have this. Its terrible that virtual credit cards are exorbitant. My local bank just doesn’t issue international cards. Silly policy to improve forex reserve.


I see you have also posted at the bottom of another thread about paying by Crypto currency where it appears the only issue is receiving payments via crypto currency is that eM Client “are restricted by the payment portal”. See @Gary extract below from the following thread.

May '21
eM Client does not accept cryptocurrency as payment. That is restricted by the payment portal.

I would venture to suggest that 99.9% of people neither want or want to deal with anything to do with Crypto currency. Many Many people feel that it is a fad that will soon pass - It is not safe - It is not controlled or regulated - it contributes massivly to a worldwide energy crisis, etc, etc.

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Already, I am searching for an alternative. Someone outside this forum suggested that virtual cards would work. I am already planning on giving it a go.

However, the 99.9% in your reply is absolutely a wrong fraction. You could suffice it with “alot of people you know”.
The current fiat money wasn’t entirely controlled at its inception. Crypto would not have all its regulations at this stage.
Furthermore, suggesting crypto payment option never had any underlying statement of asking the emclient to invest in cryptocurrency. Its just an avenue to reach out to clients that could not access the service for an issue that is not directly their fault. You’d never want to have such an issue and you’d never say I caused the limitations and the sanctions on us. They could simply get a trusted third party that is not the payment processor to purchase the license on behalf of such clients and have the cryptocurrency turned into cash instantly.

P.S. Having a license no matter how “blackhat inclined” does no harm to the program.

Thank you.

I’ll take my financial lessons from more authoratitive sources - but thanks e.g. Register to read | Financial Times

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Sorry, but our payment portal do not accept cryptocurrencies.

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