Payment by Cryptocurrency

I am from a region with hard limits on cards and bank transfers.
Would it be possible to provide a pro-license via cryptocurrency payment?

I can pay with bitcoin or any other alt. I would not mind if I am charged any extra.

Kindly help me. It would be so sad if my government’s misdoings affects my online assess to things.

PayPal is offered as an option when purchasing.

Paypal requires cards to be added to accounts. Cards have hard limits in several countries.

Not every country allows paypal to be linked to their bank accounts. Paypal also sets certain limitations for certain countries.

I do not see the wrong side of accepting payment via cryptocurrency. In my own opinion, it makes em-client available to a broader range of persons.

How payment is received does not determine if a person would violate a license or not.

It would be a good thing if this is reviewed by the em client team. The whole world is adopting cryptocurrency gradually. You could do so too.

I stand to be corrected.

You can also use a wire transfer. The amount is not very much, surely that is within the limit?

What country are you from?

I am from Libya and No. I cannot make transfers from from here.
Your bank will not even accept it. But what crime could a person commit with an email client if tb and other alternatives are free?

So nothing more for me?

eM Client does not accept cryptocurrency as payment. That is restricted by the payment portal.

Maybe you can send the cryptocurrency to someone outside your country, and ask them to purchase a Pro License for you using the methods we support.

But if your country restricts normal purchase of items online, then this is probably something you will need to discuss with your local MP.

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This is exactly the same problem I am facing.
Did you find any solution to this? What would someone possibly do wrong with an emclient license?
Crypto payment gateway saves you from all sorts of chargebacks and fraudulent purchases.

Someone really has to consider this as an option and watch your sales quadruple up.

You can’t bet me on this.

jueves 10 febrero 2022 :: 0910hrs (UTC +01:00)

If you are so certain of your claim, name sales increase situations where this is the case
and can be verified - where also there is no attempt at money laundering or evasion of
exchange control regulations.
We attempted to do this for a client company and were unable to gather evidence that
was verifiable, there were, surprise, surprise, many anonymous claims.
Exclude the Dark Web.

Have you considered the fact that as the Libyan banking system is in a state of near
collapse that it is not Libyan Banks that are restricting users, it is the non acceptance
of the Libyan Banking system by others?

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