Outlook emails will not SEND

For well over a month or two now, I am unable to send any emails in emClient through my outlook.com (O365) account. This has never been an issue until fairly recently and nothing has changed from my end. For the past months, in order to respond to emails received (in emClient) I have to log in to outlook.com online and send the email from O365 there. I see this has been an issue with emClient in past years and suggestions that it is Microsoft causing the problems, but surely there must be a permanent fix to this by now?

All help will be much appreciated. I use outlook for my business communications so this is important to me :slight_smile:

Many thx.


This has already been discussed in many topics on this forum. Please see:

Or, you can skip right to the important part:

This version is now also available in the Release History.

Thank you kindly, Gary! I’ll give the airsync version a try right away.

Release 9.2.1628 installed and so far working perfectly. Thank you!

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Hello – I had the same issue - sent emails remain in Outbox folder. Release 9.2.1628 appears to have solved this issue.


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Same problem here. I posted this several days ago and have no reply:

I have tried to delete a birthday from the Birthday calendar. I had this on an annual recurrence with no end date. When I opened the event there was no way to “edit” or “delete” it. I simply deleted it from the calendar, and now I get constant error messages:
“the delete action is not supported for this property.” There is a red triangle with exclamation point telling me of this error. How do I get rid of the error message and the red triangle?

so I deleted my account and added it again. Now the red triangle is gone but emails won’t send. gone from bad to worse. What do I do now?

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that you will never receive an answer; however…

Exactly - ¿in what calendar was the birthday originally created?

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Have you tried installing this update…

yes. I did the update. Problem has not been solved.

Installed update still not working

I can now report when you send it goes into the outbox in local folders
If you do refresh it then gets sent

Check you have this setting ticked:

The its obvious the new relesase unchecked thi box

Did you mean to say: the new release unchecks that box by default?

Did you tick the box and find EM Client now works OK?

Thanks for any feedback

yes it does

Yes I Did

Good to hear that.