Outlook.com notes not syncing

Hi EMC team.

I just upgraded to the Pro version and I think I got everything working (Calendar/To dos) except notes syncing. I do use a paid version of MS Office 365. I created the outlook account in EMC using the more manual Mail-Outlook.com option in the Accounts page (Sync notes for free). My MS account doesn’t show in the Notes screen.

See screen shots.

Please let me know how I can fix this. I need to cancel another paid service asap but need to make this work first

In Sync notes for free - #9 by Ekalb see answers from Gary’s.
There is a modification to be made in the registry.

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Thanks but I am on a mac

Try opening an eMC support ticket

You have one year of free VIP support.
It’s here: https://support.emclient.com/

You can setup the Outlook.com account as Exchange on the Mac.

From the Menu Bar choose Add Account. Instead of the automatic setup, use Mail > Exchange.

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