Order of messages in conversations

+1 almost 4 years later :roll_eyes:

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So far this is the pretty much the only thing I can find wrong with eM Client. Love the mail client, but this feature seems simple enough to implement so very disappointed to see it’s still not there?!?

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I have to agree here also. I am new user who just downloaded this yesterday and moving from postbox, however this is killing me. Please allow us to change the sorting from top to bottom. We can’t be having two different sorting reversed of eachother. It is really confusing.

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I also support this change. Extremely annoying and counter intuitive.


Flogging a dead horse here… but have to agree.

Also a new user, who was asked to review it for consideration for our company as a replacement for Outlook and Mac’s Mail.

While I’m really impressed by the features and functionality of everything else, the reversed conversations makes no sense. We can set the sort order of our messages, but then as soon as you click on a message, the conversation/threaded in the preview is in the opposite direction. It seems very counter-intuitive

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Version 9 of eM Client will introduce threaded views for conversations, in the message list, and there may be some different sorting options than what we have at the moment.


Its 2022 and this is not an option?!?? WHY did I pay for this??!??

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Looks like this still isn’t an option?

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This is becoming a dealbreaker. Looking for alternative email clients.

In version 9 we have the messages in descending order (newest on top) in the thread view in the message list, and in ascending order (as before) in the message preview.

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In descending order in the thread view is great, but it then seems counterintuitive to have it ascending in the message preview? It surely would make more sense to have it descending in both?


Has this been added? I just want all everything at the top, or at least everything in the same direction, all top or all bottom. I can’t find where the area is to change it to the top, I hate scrolling down when left side is on top. Cheers.

Is this something that is actively being worked on? We’ve been using EM for over a year now and we still find this aspect so frustrating.

I cant find the preference for sorting conversations from newest (top) to oldest (bottom)

anyone who can point in the right direction :slight_smile:

This is also of concern to me.

It would be a stupid thing to tell you guys “just implement what is being requested”

I realize you have a lot of requests as well as your own roadmap of what features will be implemented.

However, it seems to me that one of the most basic things that most email clients out there allow you to do…

  1. Sort conversations in the order the user wants to read them. For me, the newest message on top and older messages on bottom. This does not seem to be the case here.

  2. Email directional delete. Been mentioning this many times. On the message list pane, user should have the option of choosing the direction of the next message (older or newer) when deleting a message.

This is kind of basic stuff.

And what irks me about the fact these basic user options are not included, is that eM Client is a stellar piece of email software. It seems like the developer(s) are diligently working to continually improve and add features with every update. However, a lot of these requests for more “user-defined” features go back several years which sort of tells me that the developer(s) are just not interested in developing them or somehow can’t code the options into their software.

Conversation view is a “biggie” here. Email directional delete is lesser so, but still an important option that would make using this software so much easier.

I hope the developer(s) will finally take these requests into consideration given that they have been mentioned time and time again over the past few years.

You guys are doing an incredible job. Just pushing to align your client with what others already offer and are preventing some people from committing to an eM Client license because these features are not yet included.

Thank you as always!


Dear eM Client,

This is your most viewed Feature Request with over 3.9k views and nothing has been done since the original feature request was posted in 2017!

It just so frustrating I have to scroll all the way down to the bottom of a conversation just to read the most recent e-mail in the conversation, every single time.

Please fix this, thank you,

Geert (Paying happy eM Client customer)

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Nearly 6 years have passed since the OP, and this feature has not been implemented. Why? In more than 20 email platforms I have tried in the past the order of email conversations is new to old by default. Some platforms allow you to change it the other way around. Don’t you think there is a reason why most platforms out there have the conversation order from new to old instead of your default non-changeable conversation order older to new? Missing this feature is a deal breaker. This email client is superb in every aspect except for this conversation order. Moreover, this non-changeable conversation order is a deal breaker I was about to buy the lifetime deal and something told me to wait. This app is superior to every third party email client I have tried in the past. However, I won’t pay for the license if the conversation order feature option has not been implemented by the end of my trial.

It was a misunderstanding on my part in my original post. I did not realize that the conversation is displayed in the order you read the messages, so oldest at the top. That is the natural reading order as you read from top to bottom.

Fortunately in more recent versions, for those who want to see the order differently, we have also included the threaded view in the message list (for Pro license users), and that displays the conversation components with newest at the top.

Hi Gary,

Thanks for responding. However, I have a pro license and am on the latest version. Yet, my conversations are still showing oldest mails on top. I also looked for any settings that would change that. Am I missing something?


In the message list, if you have your messages sorted with newest at the bottom, the thread for a conversation will be the same; newest at the bottom. If you sort your messages with newest at the top, the thread will be the same; newest at the top.

But in the message preview, it is always newest at the bottom because that is the natural reading order. You can’t change the order in the message preview.