New Messages on Top

I just downloaded eM client and I see a preference called “Set default date sort order”. I have this set to “New Messages on Top” but messages are still displaying at the bottom.

Just to be clear: this setting affects the chronological order in which email messages within a conversation appear correct?

I guess it’s worth mentioning that it’s January of 2021 and I see this same issue being raised by other users in previous years so I’m assuming this is a bug in this version of eM (8.1.1015)?


No, this setting affects the order of conversations in the message list. Messages within a conversation have always been ordered with the newest at the bottom, and there is no setting to change that.

I proposed a change some years back:

If I understood you correctly, I don’t think users will find it useful to display both the Message List and messages within a conversation in ascending chronological order (i.e., newest last).

It’s a shame that there’s no setting to display at the top new messages within conversations. This is a turn off.

Thunderbird still displays the message list with the newest last, so someone must find it useful. I don’t and that is why I proposed allowing the eM Client user to choose for both the message list and the messages within the conversation.

At the time I made the proposal, I also thought so. Somehow, after years of doing this way, I have got used to it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Not sure I want to pay for the license with this shortcoming.

This is not a shortcoming IMHO. Me too I got pissed at first (I have a message in this forum about it) but I quickly got used to it.

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wow. doesn’t it take more time to argue about such a tiny simple feature as adding a sort option to conversations than just to just do it?

Just because you or I request a new feature, doesn’t mean that the developers will stop everything else to implement that. Would be nice, but we live in the real world. :wink:

All requests are taken seriously, though not all will be implemented.

However, you will be happy to know that our developers have been working on this. I recently commented about this elsewhere: