OptusNet in Australia - Authenticated email required

OptusNet in Australia now requires - Authenticated eMail set up through many email platform’s. Here is the notification all of the millions of subscribers received

f you’ve recently been having difficulties sending OptusNet emails from an email client (eg: Outlook, Hotmail, Apple mail etc) please update your client (email app) with “authenticated email” settings.
To better understand what is “authenticated email”, the importance of adding it and the process for doing so, please click here .

OptusNet daily send limit exceeded

Does anyone know how to fix this for eM Clients please? Yes and we are desperate

These were the Optusnet IMAP settings further down I used to use with Optusnet Australia in eM Client.

Optusnet also stopped creating mailboxes since the 22nd of May 2023 (like pretty much most other Australia major ISPs) as hardly any customers used the ISP mailboxes anymore, and went more to global mailboxes like Gmail, Hotmail etc. But they do still support the existing older Optusnet created mailboxes if you keep their Internet broadband service.

You basically just “setup the Optusnet account manually” in eM Client via using the “Add account / mail / other” option. See IMAP settings below.

As far as I know, Optusnet never changed to the newer OAuth token browser login & still uses a manual mail setup with your Optusnet email address and password for incoming & outgoing email.

Optusnet.com.au IMAP mail settings

IMAP Server mail.optusnet.com.au
Port 993
Security Policy Use SSL/TLS on special port legacy
Username [email protected]
Password Your optusnet.com.au password

SMTP Server settings

SMTP Server mail.optusnet.com.au
Port 465
Security Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)
SMTP Username [email protected]
SMTP Password Your optusnet.com.au password

Note: You could also try using the SMTP Port 587 & Security Policy - Force usage of SSL/TLS

Optusnet also still I believe have POP mail support with the same mail server address’s.

See @Gary post on the POP port and security policy settings from the following thread.

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Thank you, I will see what I can do and have a go. This will help, I am sure. Cheers.