Operations - Error Message

New to eM Client - when I try to download messages I get the following message:
[IMAP] Cannot open folder “(email address)/Inbox/” (unrecogized extra arguments to SELECT command)
Anyone any ideas?

If this is a BT account please contact your email provider. Apparently those Pro License users who contacted them had the issue resolved by BT.

See https://forum.emclient.com/emclient/topics/emclient-is-not-downloading-email-from-bt

I have the same problem on a free account. If I close the program and restart it a few times I might get at my e-mails.

The problem is the same for Free and Pro users. What did BT say when you contacted them Barry?

I have not contacted them yet Gary. I have only just found this forum as I got fed up with getting the error message. If I close the program and re-open it does what it’s supposed to do but not always. I am very tempted to kick eM Client into touch to be frank.

I have been getting the same intermittent problem for a few weeks as well. I wonder if it is to do with BT ‘making improvements’ to their web mail layout.
Not much point raising the issue with BT as I suspect they are not really interested in desktop e mail clients software. 

I had a webchat with someone at BT and they were actually concerned that things weren’t going right…anyway, they tried to come up with various suggestions but in the end they thought that the settings in eM Client might be incorrect. Anyway, I changed various settings (making a note of each change) and I seem to have got to a point where it seems to be behaving itself…time will tell!

Can you share what your settings are please? 

my settings are as per the bt email site for IMAP and SMTP. When i get the error messages i tick ‘ignore’. Then enter the emclient settings and check and uncheck a box in the IMAP and SMTP sections. Click OK and return to refresh button and all is OK.

I think I am going to give up on emclient…they say the problem is with BT and BT says it is a problem with the client settings…and I am the customer stuck in the middle!
It’s a shame as I like the program but if I can’t get it to work consistently then it is of little use…

What I need is someone who has a BT account and has a fully functioning emclient program to come back to me and list EXACTLY what settings they have used…

One wonders how they are able to resolve the issue for one user, and then tell the next that they are not aware of this issue, or it must be a problem with the client application. This shows just how disorganized BT Support really is. Possibly the techs don’t know what is going on. Maybe they have their own internal connection problems and are not able to access a centralized database of issues. LOL!

But even if you move to some other application, I hear that same issue has been reported with other email clients connecting to BT.  I guess you will have to try and see what works for you.  Fortunately I don’t use BT, and so far have not seen this issue with any other provider.

Why not keep eM Client and simply change to another provider?

It is not a case of settings in eM Client that need to be changed. What they did was to contact BT, and BT resolved the issue on their side. 

I am not an expert, just a ‘run of the mill’ end user…are all settings the same for each provider or do they differ from provider to provider?

I will give BT another try…!

The settings used to access IMAP accounts, other than the server address, are pretty much the same for every email provider.

But the issue with BT is in the configuration of the server. In this instance the server is saying it supports something (CONDSTORE) which it probably does not, and then when the parameter SELECT is used based on that, is replies with an error (CLIENTBUG SELECT). These things cannot be changed in your settings, but need to be fixed by the server administrator.