Online meeting creates skype link instead of teams meeting

If I ad an online TEAMS meeting calender entry, it creates a skype link and a skype meeting instead of Teams.

-> Join this meeting online on
instead of

How and where can I change that?


The meeting is created by the Microsoft server and depends on the type of Microsoft account you have.

If it is a business account, you will get a Teams meeting.

If it is a personal account, you will get Skype or Lync.

Thanks Gary.
It is a personal account.
But If I create a teams call in Teams, (with my personal account) I get a teams link and teams meeting.
If I create a meeting in em client with same personal account, it creates a skype link and a skype call.

Teams picture see here:(print screen)!ApyP-qivnXI8icRkVat2wDdt7LXjpA?e=UzvbF2

Skype Version see here: (print screen)!ApyP-qivnXI8icRjry9gjjlxPOIr4w?e=EDQcat

It is something you need to take up with Microsoft as it is their server that is creating the link for eM Client’s online meeting. If it detects a personal account, it won’t give you a Teams link.

ok, thanks anyway Gary!