Ongoing trouble with Yahoo/ATT accounts

I have 2 Yahoo/Att email accounts. Beginning a few weeks ago, one of my two accounts no longer downloads my emails whereas the other works fine. I can access those emails (from the non-working account) thru other programs, thru my phone or on-line at Yahoo. I’ve seen other people having similar problems with Yahoo accounts.
I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling eM Client, both the latest version 8 and even tried downgrading to version 7. After several hours of trying all of this, still will not download emails on that same address, but the other address works fine. I just want a simple email program, but I should note that I do have a lot of old emails that I have exported/imported. Seems to be a little too much for Windows 10 Mail, no way to import these old emails into that program. I have used eM Client for several years. Due to using Yahoo, several months ago I had to downgrade back to version 7 just to get my messages. But then program forced the upgrade back to 8. This time downgrading still does not work for that same address in version 7. I even tried adding the non-working email account first, in case it was a problem with having two Yahoo accounts. I’m back to the latest version, but still no luck on my second address.

Please see if the recent announcement on this forum is of any help.

I saw that announcement, and that may be the version I downgraded to, but after multiple downgrades and upgrades, I am no longer sure. I had a lot of trouble with my database, it kept forcing me to re-upgrade as the database could not be deleted due to an issue with a “uids.dat” file, so I tried renaming the database, but had difficulty in trying to import my old messages (import vs restore). But saw that with the old version this one email address would still not download messages.

Before trying to downgrade again specifically to this version (I have since gone back to the latest version 8), a few questions.

  1. If I downgrade again, even if this works, will I be forced to upgrade again to version 8 since we cannot turn off automatic upgrades, and then the problem resurface?

  2. I see a version 8.0.3499 that has the same message as the 7.2.5 ("- Fixed Yahoo! authentication"), does that version work? I also tried that one, manually upgrading to that one (due to my ongoing database issues), but then it wouldn’t even open the program on my Windows 10 machine. I tried rebooting, still would not open (but no error message). I had to uninstall, again. If I close eM Client, it will not reopen the program unless I reboot. Maybe I needed to reboot more than once??

Will try again specifically to this link for 7.2.5 (or preferably 8.0.3499 if that one should work) when I get home tonight (at work now).

Thanks for your help.

Tried the install as recommended, it did NOT work. That one email address will not download messages.

First, I tried the UP-grade to 8.0.3499 as I was already back to version 8 (8.0.3385), since it had the same message (Fixed Yahoo! authentication), and seemed to work for another user in another thread. I uninstalled the non-working email account and then manually installed 8.0.3499. I then added that email account, but get the message “The server was found, but authentication failed. Check the email address and password.” As a side note, I know the password is correct as that is what I used on my phone and Windows 10 Mail, and they work for this address. Also, when I rebooted after that install, I get a message at program start that states “Database verification and repairing failed”, and the program would not even open after that.

Then I uninstalled completely (had to after trying 8.0.3499) and reinstalled the version 7 as per your message. It installed 7.2.50008. With no accounts, I added the non-working account first (in case it was a conflict between the two addresses). Tried adding thru the Automatic Setup and then manually thru “Other” address add. Neither worked. But as soon as I added the other email account, it worked and downloaded messages immediately thru the Automatic Setup. And then imported old emails and contacts, I have those back.

So I am still without my second email address that stopped working a few weeks ago.

What can I do next?

Contact Yahoo! Maybe the problem is on their side.

Turns out the problem was on the Yahoo (ATT) side. They have changed their security to force having “secure mail keys”. I had changed one password, seemed to have started this with that email address in the beginning some 3 weeks ago. Then tried to change passwords again, only got worse. ATT support had to reset everything, by first creating these secure mail keys.

And as a side note, sometimes these mail keys do not work on multiple devices. They had to set up a second one for one address for me for my phone. Having to wait an hour (due to “too many login attempts”) to see if that solves the problem with my phone…

But back in business on eM Client.

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