Office 365 and EmClient Version 7

Can’t i use EmClient Version 7 with today’s Office 365 ?!

You should really be running at least V8 or the just released V9 EMC for Windows by now to support all the latest Office 365 EWS Exchange mailbox Oautho 2 standards required now.

What Windows OS version are you running ?.

However eM Client version 7 and later do support oAuth 2.0 but some peeps haven’t got their eM Client 7 versions to work due to maybe eg: different types of EWS Exchange standards.

See this thread on V7 eM Client and Office 365.

I personally have run the latest V8 & V9 for PC and Mac with EWS Exchange Microsoft servers and they work fine with the eM Client automatic email wizard. I only used normal Microsoft IMAP when I had V7 so cannot test with that version.

@cyberzork , thanks for your reply. After some tinkering i decided to upgrade to Version 9. Much more convenient. And it still works on my Old BackUp Computer.

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