Does em Client support Microsoft OAUTH2 (Office 365)

My organization will soon only allow IMAP 4 clients such as Thunderbird that allow Microsoft Modern Authentication (OAUTH2) for sending/retrieving email. Does eM Client allow this method of authentication? Regular OAUTH apparently won’t be good enough. I can’t find any option that allows it. Thanks!

A very good question.
eMClient is not reliable with Office 365:

  1. With AirSync, recursive calendar items doesn’t sync. All the items in calendar appears and dissapear continuously. Unusable.
  2. If you try to setup as Exchange, you need an App Password. After pass the first setup step, it redirect to OAuth windows. When you authorize the access with your mobile app, the windows is closed and return again to the final step where all start again. Conclusion: Unusable.

I’m start to think that I should return to Microsoft Outlook app… after payin for 2 licences (Desktop and Laptop).

Thanks for the reply. It sounds like em Client does NOT support OAuth2 and thus won’t be usable once my organization starts requiring OAuth2 authentication. That is a pity… I really like the program otherwise and almost bought it. Glad I asked first. Seems like Thunderbird and maybe TheBat! are the only clients that support it, and Thunderbird is buggy. Anyone else have a workaround?

eM Client version 7 and later support oAuth 2.0.

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Yes, you can say that, but it doesn’t work when trying to setup an Office 365 account as Exchange service.

I’m requesting a total refund.

Hi! I fully agree with the previous correspondent: it would be a real shame if eM Client does not support OAuth2. I just love eM Client but can since this past Friday no longer use it with my institution unless OAuth2 is available for Office 365 accounts. Can you please confirm if this is (sadly) the case?