Number of contacts in a group

How can I tell the number of contacts, or how many individual contacts, are in my groups?  If I double-click on the group, shouldn’t there be a number somewhere showing me how many contacts it contains?

When you click on a group of contacts on the left, there should be a number in the bottom right of the eM Client window (on the bottom status bar) that says how many contacts are in that group.

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When I click the left menu tab for Contacts, my group (or distribution list) is listed within the full list of all contacts.  Whether I click on an individual contact or the group, the number in the lower right corner remains the same because the group is considered “one” contact within the list. 

Gotcha. Misunderstood your question. I sync to GMail so I have my groups (folders) of contacts from GMail. When I select a group on the left, I can see how many contacts are in that specific group.

With regard to distribution lists, I don’t think there is a way to see the number of contacts within the list itself.

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Hi, unfortunately there’s no field that would display the number of contacts contained within a distribution list, only in folders which is in the bottom-right corner as The Merg suggested.

Hope this is not a big issue and you can manage to use the current settings,
thank you for understanding,

Thanks for the replies…my other email clients have always listed the number of individuals in a group which I used often, so I’ll have to give it some thought. 

Also, I’ve been trying to replicate the process I used to create this one group in order to create several others, and for the life of me cannot figure out how I did it!  The others keep coming up empty when importing the .csv file, so I’m kind of at a standstill…

Do you mean how to create a distribution list? You can create new distribution lists by selecting the contacts you want to add, right click the selection and select “Create distribution list”. You can create folders by right clicking your account in the left sidebar and select New folder.

Hope this helps,

“Unfortunately there’s no field that would display the number of contacts contained within a distribution list”

Can all the contacts in a distribution list be exported in order to count how many there are?  Or any other way of being able to count the number of contacts in a distribution list?

Hi Christine, if you want to manually count the number of contacts in a distribution list, you can open the distribution list, or you can export the distribution list to a CSV file.
To do so right click the distribution list and select Export > CSV.

Hope this helps,

Thanks - manually counting would be painful with a large list, so knowing Excel would automatically count the rows for me, I tried exporting the list in .csv format some time ago.  All I get in Excel are the contact headers, not the members or contacts; i.e., Contact Icon, Full Name, Email, Home Phone, etc.  However, I tried this on a list I created a long time ago, so maybe I created the list incorrectly? I’ll have to try a new one, I guess.

Hi Christine, you’re right, unfortunately this is an issue.
I’ve reported this issue to the developers and am currently waiting for a reply, I hope a solution for the issue will be found soon.

Thank you for reporting this, I’ll keep you posted when I have more information about the issue.


Thanks, and yes…please keep me posted on this.  Might not be a big issue for casual emailers with groups of friends, but my groups are used for *business* and database comparison as well as tracking.  Sure would be a LOT easier if the number of contacts was simply shown in the group window like Windows Mail!

Hi again Christine, I’ve been informed by the developers that unfortunately the CSV export works a bit differently, you can only export contacts to the CSV file by selecting the contacts in the contacts view and then using the CSV export, but unfortunately it is not possible to export a distribution list into a CSV file.

You can only save the list as a VCard file (.vcf).

As I mentioned earlier we’ll consider adding the contact count feature in future releases.

Thank you,

New to eMclient, but this is a somewhat important item for me to know.  I use GMail and they limit the number of separate emails in group mailings to 100 per email sent.  So, for my total distribution list of over 800 emails, I have to create several distribution lists, being careful not to exceed 100 per list.  How hard can it be to display the number of emails in a list?  Came over from Windows Live Mail, and the number in the group displayed next to the group title.

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After 3 years there is still no solution to this.

Richard, I guess you just need to be careful in your counting. I would have suggested using eM Client’s mass mailing feature, which is nice because you can customize emails with contact’s information, but that also would not work because 800 individual emails would exceed Google’s daily limit.

May I suggest using ie Google Groups, which lets you send way more emails from their rather homely but perfectly useful interface online. I often send a message or class announcement to over 800 people with one click.

But seriously, eMClient…you haven’t added this feature yet?? Even my crappy old Windows Live Mail showed the # of people in a group.

Actually, eM Client does display how many members are in a distribution list.

It lists the first 10 email addresses, and then how many others there are. You will need to do some very minor addition, but it is there. In this example there are 10 + 63 = 73 in total in this list.

Good to know, and thank you for the update…My classes rarely have more than 9 people, so that was the problem. Still…if your team could add that feature (# of people next to Dist List name), it would he really helpful. Many thanks!

Wait a second…I DO have a few lists with 90 people on them. I still don’t see the “Show xx more” line in any of those Dist Lists. How do i get it to show?

What version of eM Client are you using? You will find that in Menu > Help > About.