Notifications about past events

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I’ve added my icloud calendar (which worked perfectly fine) but every time I open eM Client it sends around 20 pop ups about events (e.g. 5 years old mixed with recent ones). I already clicked on about 300 pop ups but they wont end - so i guess eM wants me to check on every single calender entry …

Is it possible to deactivate notifications for events in the past? Unfortunately deleting old calendar entries is not an option.

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Yes you normally have to “dismiss” every calendar event (on adding a new acct calendar) unless you eg: disable the calendar notifications completely.

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It’s not a correct because the events are useful, but not past events.


The event reminders do seem to have a bug. Old reminders pop up for no reason. Also, I have posted on another thread that when you dismiss them, em client instructs the mail server to send an update to any invitees on the calendar.

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This issue has been around for a while now. It is an absolute nuissance. I cannot understand why this is not being fixed?


I don’t know why these things don’t get fixed. I pop back in here every once in a while and I see the same problems. The sad thing is that there are some very good features in Em Client but for reasons unknown to me there are some really basic functions that are STILL buggy.They seem to want to try and add new stuff which is great but the bugs that make the base product usable are not fixed.

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Spot on.
The irony is that the program has some really strong features and I would be inclined to buy the paid version, but then I am scared to be stuck with these kind of issues that never get fixed. So in the end it is a vicious cycle. No stable basic functionalities, no paid users, no budget for developpers, no stable basic functionalities, no paid users…

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It’s sloppy programming by young wiz-kid programmers who are not experienced in following things through from a user and not programmer perspective!
Microsoft and Windows is very guilty of this too!
There are 7 postings to this topic and I don’t see any response from eM Client!



I am a paid user. I bought 3 subscriptions for myself and members of my family. The calendar functionality started going down hill after some point in version 6. They used to support ActiveSync which worked fantastic. Then for reasons unknown, they stopped support and some parts of ActiveSync started to fail.

After months of trying to get that functionality working again, I moved to CalDav and CardDav only to find out that CalDav doesn’t work right either. I have made several posts here on the subject.

I even set Em Client support up with email accounts on my server to show them the bugs. I took them step by step through the issue but they would not agree that there was even an issue - even though I could replicate the issue every time.

So, I don’t hold out much hope that they will fix this issue. I can’t use Em Client for business. I actually had one of my clients turn on a filter on their side to block my emails because every time I dismissed an event on my calendar, it would send and update notification to everybody on the invite list. The same thing would happen even if I changed the reminder time. It drove them nuts.

I now use Outlook with a third party CalDav, CardDav plugin. Problem solved.


It is so true. They rush to get some new feature out with out proper testing. Furthermore, when bugs are pointed out they don’t seem to have a process to log and fix them.

When was the last time you found a bug on your cellphone email, contact, calendar app(s)? I have never had an issue either with Outlook. or web server side clients. Yet, here is a whole site here dedicated to the bugs that are found in Em Client.

Your point is well taken.

Which plug in are you using? I am on em client mostly because of outlook’s lacking google calendar support and honestly never found a decent work around

This is a forum for users to discuss many things. Feature requests, questions about how to use current features, praise for the application (hint hint), etc.

You can report bugs here as well, or as a Pro License user, you can open a support ticket with us if you have current VIP Support. All bugs reported are logged and addressed by our developers. They were amused to know that Damon considered them wiz-kids. While that may be true, young may be a bit of a stretch. :grin:

Once the bugs have been addressed, and a new version of the application is built, it undergoes thorough testing before being publicly released.

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I guess you didn’t read any of my posts on the subject. Been there done that with VIP support. No results.

Sure there are threads about feature requests but they are far outnumbered by bug reports.

Can you please give me the ticket number and I will look into it for you.

And we are extremely grateful to you and all the other users who do report bugs. It makes for a better application in the long run, if we know where you are having problems.

There are a lot of changes coming in version 9, and some major issues have been addressed.

Here you go: 118091. There were numerous screen shots and emails back and forth.

Get it working and there will be heaps of praise.

Oh and while you guys are looking into to it, maybe you can also find out why old appointment reminders keep popping up. The two issues are linked. When you dismiss these old (sometimes years old) appointments it sends out a message to everyone on the invite list that the meeting has changed.

Back on topic: running version 8.2.1659 on Windows 10 21H2.

Still getting anomalous notifications from past events. Happens seemingly at random, and often they appear as a batch of several.

Bit of a nuisance, to be honest. @Gary - any progress on this? Or anyone else in the dev team?

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Yep, I get this also. Just happened today and had to explain to a client as to why (EMClient). It’s super embarrassing and makes me look unprofessional.

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Do you know if this has been fixed with EM 9?

Did this ever get solved for you?

The way notifications for past events are offered is currently being investigated. We may soon be able to offer new options that will hopefully resolve this for you.