Notifications about past events

Hi there.

I’ve added my icloud calendar (which worked perfectly fine) but every time I open eM Client it sends around 20 pop ups about events (e.g. 5 years old mixed with recent ones). I already clicked on about 300 pop ups but they wont end - so i guess eM wants me to check on every single calender entry …

Is it possible to deactivate notifications for events in the past? Unfortunately deleting old calendar entries is not an option.

Yes you normally have to “dismiss” every calendar event (on adding a new acct calendar) unless you eg: disable the calendar notifications completely.

It’s not a correct because the events are useful, but not past events.

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The event reminders do seem to have a bug. Old reminders pop up for no reason. Also, I have posted on another thread that when you dismiss them, em client instructs the mail server to send an update to any invitees on the calendar.