Not showing full message when receiving a message from an iPhone user

Today I received an email thru eM Client from an iPhone user. When I looked at the message in eM Client, it only showed what was being forwarded. When I look at the email on my iPhone or in another email client, I can see that there was text that didn’t come thru on eM Client. Any idea why this would have happened?


There is another thread about this. Many have been complaining for some time. eM Client cannot deal with Mac Mail, and when we complained, the tech group told us it was Apple’s fault and we should complain to them (since we don’t USE Macs, but receive mail from people who do, GOOD LUCK complaining to a company we’re not patrons of - but anyway). This back and forth aroused some bitterness, I’m afraid. Every mail client I’ve ever used has no problem with Mac Mail. eM Client cannot handle its formatting. Eventually they will have to do something about it, but for now they are just saying no.

thanks for pointing this out, I’ve replicated the issue and I’m forwarding this to the developers.
I do hope we fix the issue as soon as possible.

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I’m a new  user of eM Client and having unnamed attachments showing up in my emails is a problem for me too.  Needs to be fixed.  I’ve never had an email program before with this problem.  I don’t agree that it’s an Apple problem.  It’s an eM Client problem.

Hi, what version of eM Client are you currently using?
Can you check the exact version number in Help > About?

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I cannot answer for the above user, but this has been discussed for the past few versions since I started using eM Client. I’m using 6.0.20154.0, if that helps. It’s ridiculous that we were told repeatedly to “go speak to Apple” about it. It doesn’t occur with other clients! (Except, as one eM C tech pointed out, with Outlook, apparently - thanks for that). I get mails that don’t make any sense until I look at my “unnamed attachments” and see 1/2 the message, because the sender made the mistake of including an attachment or a signature. All these things fall inline with every other client I’ve tried (I’ve never used Outlook).

Thanks for your attention to it.

 I am using 6.0.20154.0 also.  I believe that’s the latest version of eM Client

Hi, thank you for pointing this out, I believe the issue should be fixed in an internal release now since I wasn’t able to replicate the issue again, I’ll discuss it with developers and I’ll keep you posted.

Can you maybe send me the exported message to my email? (

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I have sent numerous mails like this, and also posted screen shots. You might be interested in viewing this thread from four months ago:

Thanks again!

Hi again, thank you for all your time spent on this issue, we’re trying to fix the issue for future releases, however I’m now unable to replicate the issue, even though I’ve done so in the past, do you think it would be possible to send us the exported message just this one more time?

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I’ve just sent the mail that appears on the page I linked to above (you’ll see which it is from the subject line). I sent that because it was very easy to locate, and because you can look on the page above to see the screenshot that shows how this same mail displays in Thunderbird, as an example.

Please let me know if you need other examples. I get them constantly.

Thanks for your help. DGI

Hi, thank you for the received message, we’re working on fixing the issue for future releases. Apparently the issue occurs in very specific conditions as I mentioned I wasn’t able to replicate it again.
We’d like to adjust the behavior of eM Client so this is displayed correctly. But needless to say this is really an issue of the Apple Mail, since you could’ve seen the issue occurs on other email clients as well (especially MS Outlook).

I understand your frustration in this matter and I hope you can manage to use the current settings and hope for you patience.
Hopefully it will be fixed in future releases.

Thank you for understanding,

Good to hear a fix is in the works. Thank you.

Thanks for looking into this. One slight correction: In my search for a new mail client to replace one that I’d used for most of my life, really, I tried perhaps 10. I ended up with eM Client, which shows how highly I think of it. But none exhibited this problem. You wrote “especially MS Outlook”. As far as I can see it is ONLY Outlook and eM Client. If any others do this I’d be interested to hear about it. This was why I objected so strenuously when someone on your side suggested it’s “Apple’s problem”. I’d believe that if I’d found ANY other client that did it (never tried Outlook). If no one but eM Client and one other show this issue, it’s not “Apple’s problem”, by definition.

Please let me know if I can help further!

Hi, the issue is occurring to Windows Live Mail as well, so I think there’s definitely more applications that are having issues with this. Again I understand that this is an issue for you, and we’ll be working on fixing it.
I hope for your patience in this matter and again thank you for pointing this out to us.

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 “A fix is in the works” … 5 months ago and the issue persists (as of 09/20/2014).

I would like to believe that they do plan to release a fix. It is a really distracting and frustrating problem that none of a dozen other clients I experimented with had. OTOH, I’m sticking with eM Client because on the whole it is simply a better and more useful client for many other reasons. I only wish they wouldn’t keep replying “well, Outlook does the same thing”. It is like advertising “see, we’re as good as Outlook”. Outlook is the reason many fled to eM Client.

I’ve given up on eMClient - even my Android mail apps don;t have this problem. Some close family members have aquired iPhones, and I can’t get a preview of the email or open it without jumping throught hoops using eMClient. Between this issue and the HTML shadow left when trying to move a block of text when composing an email - that issue requires me to reboot my PC to clear the shadow from my screen, I’m off looking for a replacement mail client. I’m looking at GMDesk at the moment, even thought it can only handle GMail and not other services.

I was pretty sure simply closing eM Client temporarily cleared the frustrating “HTML shadow”, but perhaps your system has something about it that causes the shadow to be retained. That is something that I do fully expect them to address in a future version, because it just seems like an oversight. I keep wondering if the version that contains all of the bug fixes is being held up until it can be brought to market as a fully-paid upgrade.

Hi Robert,

Maybe you can get rid of this ‘shadow’ by upgrading Internet Explorer and/or your video drivers?