Not receiving Outlook emails

Gary, do I understand correctly, you are saying it is possible for Microsoft to reactivate the authentication for an individual account?

You mean a password in eM Client?

Oauth does not use a password. This means you are not using oAuth.

The issue is with Microsoft servers. Unfortunately we are not your email provider, so we do not have access to their servers to fix the issue.

Can you please report the issue to your email provider. I reported it on my personal account, and after 3 days they fixed it. Or, if you don’t have that much time, my instructions above will take about a minute or less, and bypass the Microsoft server issue.

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I have uninstalled it now, sorry.

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Garry, i’m getting confused now, are you now saying that MS will have to fix this for each individual email account?

No, they are working on it globally, but I have confirmation from those who reported it directly to their email provider, that they either fixed it for that account, or they confirmed that they are working on it.

Gary, I am sure we all appreciate the time you are taking to help us here and for the work around above, however, I fell there is frustration building due to a difference of views on who should be pushing MS to find a solution.

As users of EM Client most people probably feel that as it is your app that utilises the oAuth feature of the MS server you are very much better placed to inform and drive MS to find a solution. You on the other hand seem to be saying that as we have Outlook/Hotmail accounts it is up to us to inform and drive MS. The problem with the latter is many of us have no idea how to register an issue with MS and if we do we dont have the technical knowledge to communicate with them effectively. I have tried but failed even to find the correct support desk.

You have now compounded our/my unhappiness by saying you have had your private email account unlocked by MS whilst most of us are still waiting for a fix.

If you believe that informing MS of this issue individually will speed things up please tell us how we can do this and give us a template of what we should say so that MS will understand


You can always contact the provider directly on Contact Us - Microsoft Support

Thank you for this I will await the fix I can not waste time reinstalling accounts to find like others have said it does not work

Not working for me. Just keeps asking me if I want to send my credentials then fails.

As a test, can you completely disable any anti-virus, firewall, proxy or VPN, then try again.

I agree em-client have a problem that affects their paying customers, irrespective of whose fault it is or who caused the issue. If they don’t approach microsoft to fix the problem Gary describes then they are letting their paying customers down badly .

Pointless , they just ask for mulitple screen shots of irrelevant information to try and establish that the account or the 3rd party email client is at fault and ignore the request to confirm when they will fix the issue with oAuth. Also asked me to install other email clients to see if the problem persisted.

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I have the same problem exactly as you have described.

I have the same problem.
Outlook is fine on my phone (using the gmail client) and on my’ Windows’ mail, but nothing (for 4 days ) in Email Client. I have reinstalled the outlook account in emailclient, but still the same red triangle.
My other account (talktalk) in email client is working fine.

I would need to upgrade to paid version of em-client to do this as already have 2 accounts in free version ( was considering this anyway to add a third account)
Instead I 1st tried reinstalling outlook 2010 again instead , works fine for outlook on auto setup without mucking around with manual server settings and I can add all my other accounts, so although I prefer em-client I’ll stick with old version of outlook at no extra cost untill em client prove they can grow-up and speak to Microsoft about finding a solution , irrepsective whose fault it is and stop just advising individual users to to go up against Microsoft support on their own.
I can’t believe em client support could be telling paid customers the same thing , very bad idea.


there is something wrong with the Emclient. It looks like sabotage. The Outlook Client in Win10 still receives these mails without a quarrel/report. So why does Emclient not do so???

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Yes, because they ARE NOT using oAuth.

I have given setup instructions above on how to do the same in eM Client.

Yes, because the account setup there IS NOT using oAuth.

No need to get rude and use capitals not every one is up to knowing how things run in the background or have loads of time to spare on forums